A Whole New Light

Do you ever find yourself driving down a road that you drive down hundreds of times and see something that has obviously been there for a while, but you never noticed it before? Sometimes it’s because you’re the one driving and so you don’t see things until you aren’t the driver. Or that one day, you finally look over to see that cute little house tucked back in the trees.

I think we often get so wrapped up in the every day of life, that we don’t stop to appreciate all our surroundings. Additionally, I think that by simply taking a moment to switch things up a little, then we see a whole new perspective on a place or situation.

Which leads me to this moment.


The other morning I got up at 6 a.m. to let the dog out. I had a chest cold pretty much for about ten days and therefore haven’t been sleeping well due to that nagging coughing–ehem…hacking–that seems to be a major part of a chest cold. Go figure.

Six in the morning is awfully early for one who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep and rather than going back up to my cozy little bed, I opted to stay downstairs so that my husband could still get a few more winks of beauty sleep and not be interrupted by the coughing that I knew would ensue because I was awake and could feel that chest irritation. Why is it so hard to try and not cough?

I would say pretty much any time that I get up early, I grab my computer or phone and sit in my usual big comfy chair (the one on the very far left–but same as the one showing). If I feel like I want to rest a wee bit more, I flip out the foot rest and cozy on into the big brown chair and let it absorb me in. I love that chair for it’s versatility in work or sleep. If I do lay down on the couch, I lay on it the same way I sleep on my bed.

We are such creatures of habit, are we not?

But this time–with iPhone in hand to give me something to do when the dog was out–I felt the urge to lay down on the couch with my head on the opposite end.

This may seem like such a simple thing, but after I was laying down for a few minutes, I opened my eyes to catch the morning sunshine cascading through the partially opened blinds to create this wonderful view of light in my home…dog included.

It’s not the view I normally see and it was beautiful to me. I know, it may seem silly, but I was so glad I’d opened my eyes for that moment. And luckily, because my iPhone was in hand, I was able to capture the moment without having to get up from my current restful state.

That one little moment meant warmth…peace…gratitude…love…home.

Who knew that one little change could provide an opportunity to invoke a feeling like that?

And now, as I look more ‘deeply’ into the photo, I see our family, places we’ve been, books that belonged to my great grandfather, a victrola that belonged to my mother, a lantern purchased on a trip to Oregon, art that I’ve created and is part of who I currently am, a wall that my husband made with all his skills and learning in Italy and such…all these tiny little pieces of life that range over the span of many decades.

It’s history.

I’m glad I didn’t let that moment of feelings pass me by and so happy that I happened to have my iPhone in my hand or I wouldn’t have visually captured the moment.

And morning light in my home is one of my very favorite feel-good moments–especially when it’s all quiet and I have it pretty much to myself.

So here’s my challenge for you. Sometime during the rest of this week I want you to truly look at everything around you. Stop and take a moment to appreciate a different point of view and capture it. Think about what it means to you and record it.

I promise, it will help you look at it all in a whole new light.


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  1. Ruth G July 24, 2014 at 5:55 am

    As I sit here watching the light streaming in the window at the top of our front door, quietly tapping on my keyboard while the kids sleep peacefully, I’m once again struck by how I like how you think. I couldn’t agree more that there is beauty and meaning that can be found in every moment (except perhaps while scrubbing the toilet.) And how important it is to take the time to allow those moments to sink in and enrich our lives. Thanks for that reminder to not let the busy days take away from enjoyment of the little things.
    On coughing, as someone who’s lived with asthma for over 40 years, let me just say that coughing many times means breathing. And being a professional cougher, there are ways to prevent a cough that isn’t needed to clear an airway or lungs, but when you can feel it in your chest and you can’t resist, it’s best to let it happen and, as you so thoughtfully did, remove yourself from disturbing others if that is a concern. Take care and I hope you’re feeling better soon! Thanks for all you share!

  2. laura g. July 24, 2014 at 6:28 am

    funny how we think alike! I was thinking and looking around my house this week and seeing new possibilities for it…by digging through my stash of inherited treasures…really appreciating my home and hoping to find the time to make it what it could be…and appreciating it for what it is now…

  3. Judi July 24, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    Love this idea – I will be home alone this weekend and will have early dog duties so will have to make sure I have my iPhone with me – thanks

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