I think this should be entitled Three-Fer Tuesday, actually.

Did you ever see the Victor Borge bit where he tells the story and he ‘ups’ each ‘numbered’ word? It’s called Inflationary Language? So instead of saying toodaloo he says threedaloo? Very funny. I found the video….just a little entertainment for you HERE. We like saying threedaloo at our house. :)

Okay, back to business here….

Let’s start off with another beautiful page from our KBS company this week. Stephanie Bryan is here to show off some more dreamy stuff.


[ Designs | Enjoy The Day / Tiny Details (chevron tag, yellow stars +
‘everything here is wonderful’) ]

Mint+grey….and white. One of my very favorite color schemes and Stephanie has done a fabulous job with it. Once again…so loving the layers of papers and accents combined with the photos and title next to it. And pay close attention to those layers of paper. The chevron design, subtitle and yellow star strip are all from Tiny Details. Love how she incorporated them in not the obvious way, creating patterns or subtitles for her page. Wonderful idea!


I’m so glad you stopped by our little neck of the woods Stephanie! You’ve done an amazing job and we’re so happy to have had you here!

Be sure to check in tomorrow too, to see who’s knockin’ at the door. :)


And now for the brand new kit for today. Just a few travel-themed 3×4 cards that would be great for Project Life. A mix of words and patterns…and the patterns signify movement or maps. You know, travel and all. :)



Once again, these include the cut files so you can bring them into programs, like Silhouette Studio, and alter the colors to suit your needs.

I did have a little fun with the Beautiful Somewhere card. Not only could you use it printed–in whatever color you wanted really–but you can remove the speckles and then cut it out like this.


And in Silhouette Studio you can move the images around to add photos if you like. Or, in the case of the Awesome card, there’s space already there and you can do something fun like this!


Oh yeah.
I think that is pretty awesome. ;)

Lots of fun to be had with this kit!


And now for the 2.99 kits for today….and today only.

Just some fun handwritten words for so many different occasions.

a-beautiful-world    summer-lovin2bloom    oh-babythirty-one-days    today

The sale goes away at the end of the day. :)