Friday Freebie • Favorite In The History Of Forever

It always seems like I'm thinking of my favorite this or my favorite that. a song. a food. a friend. a pair of pants. my family. So many favorites out there. That's why this little 3x4 card is perfect for just about any occasion. It can be for a child or your family or a moment or a vacation spot...anything. To download this--forever free--click HERE. And because this also includes the usual cut files, you can bring it into Silhouette Studio and mix it up with some other cut files, like maybe turning it into month cards for your Project Life using a brush-script [...]

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Importing Files Into Studio | From Start To Finish

In the previous version of Silhouette Studio, you could only do a mass import of files if you were working with SVG files and the Designer Edition. But all that has changed now with version 3. You can now mass import DXF and JPG/PNG files into the Standard Studio edition. I just want to get up and dance! (Okay, maybe that has something to do with So You Think You Can Dance being on right now.) ...but still... ....exciting. like way exciting. The other major improvement to Studio version 3 is the ability to easily add your own keywords and descriptions. even more [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday: Back To School

I can hardly believe it's time. A good chunk of kids are back in school now. Even Kass had her very last first day of school yesterday. She'll be graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the end of the school year. Crazy, right? Summer is  pretty much over, I'd say. Believe it or not, the leaves on several trees around town are already changing--including the big maple tree in our neighbor's yard across the street. Yes, there is definite orangeage. Kind of strange for August. I thought I'd save the best for last and have a school [...]

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Baby, I Got Your Number

I love numbers (and letters). It's one of my most very favorite items to use as accents on a page. It's simple--almost seems like a no-brainer--but it adds so much. It might explain why so much of what I create revolves around words and numbers. ;) So I thought perhaps I'd share a few ways of how to incorporate numbers in a little different fashion. 1  |  The Bigger The Better I remember there was a life before Silhouette--if you can call it that. It was called the Dark Ages. If we wanted a hand-cut title, we had to print [...]

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Friday Freebie | You Make Me Happy

Okay, so this may not necessarily be a 'summer' related freebie, but it's what came to mind for me yesterday. I always have to go with the flow and the flow was feeling retro. And it could fit into a summer page easily...not to mention a Project Life spread. ;) Something simple and sweet. Comes in the usual cut files--as well as a PNG. That way you can change colors to tickle your fancy for your own project. To download this--forever free--click HERE. Have a beautiful weekend everyone! ETA: So this morning I woke up and decided I needed to [...]

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One Card, Three Ways

One of the best ways to maximize your time in making cards is to make a card that's universal in design and then you can swap out the sentiment. A few KBS handwritten words are just the ticket! Make several to keep on hand too. Miss Nichol has done just that with these bright and cheery cards! [ Designs | County Fair (popcorn used for clouds) / Happy Stuff (happy birthday and hello there) / This+That: Freedom (sunburst) / Thank My Lucky Stars (stars) / You Got This ] These would totally brighten my day if I was the recipient of one of [...]

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The Serendipitous Case of the Captured Criminal

A couple weeks ago we encountered one very strange afternoon. It was about 2:30 when I was up on my bed, trying to work through a couple emails. I’d gotten behind on work because I’d been camping with the girls. I was deeply engrossed in looking for something when my husband came up and asked, ‘Aren’t you going to go get Zach’s check?’ Our son was gone for two weeks for a university photo class in Capitol Reef and had asked us to deposit his paycheck. Since it was now Friday, we figured it was time to do that. I [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday: All About Family

It's Tuesday, which always mean something fun is happening here at KBS! Do you realize we only have one more Two-Fer Tuesday left for summer??? Where has summer gone? Well, this week we have a little 'family' theme goin' on. Let's start off with the brand new kit that you got a peek at yesterday. Plenty of words for all your family needs. You can even use 'love at home' individually, if'n ya needed to. FYI, you can get this kit for free--through this week only-- if you sign up for the updated Getting To Know You class--if you don't [...]

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Announcing ‘Getting To Know You’ for Studio Version 3

That's right folks! I know many of you have been waiting for this and's coming! The Getting To Know You Silhouette Class will be available using Silhouette Studio version 3 on September 22. Can we get a yahoooo?!!! I really wanted to make sure that most of the kinks had been worked out of the new software and that the majority of enhancements had been added to create the best learning experience. Therefore, now is the time. :) Here are a few Q&As. Q  |  If I have previously purchased this class--whether at KBS or I already have access to this [...]

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Friday Freebie | Elsewhere

It seems that summers are full of being... elsewhere. Whether it's in mind, body or soul, you can't help but welcome elsewhere.  So it seemed only fitting that we include this in our Summer of the Friday Freebie series. To download this--forever free--click HERE. And now, I'm off to my own little elsewhere. Not exactly the elsewhere I would pick, but elsewhere it is. great weekend, y'all.

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