Can you believe our birthday week has come to an end? Our Creative Team has shared some wonderful stuff, have they not? It’s been such a fun week and we still have one bit of amazingness to share from Miss Laura today.

She had a vision to create some great home decor items that you can use for your own home or make pieces for your friend and give them as a gift. She asked if I could write her some delectable words for this project and I was happy to oblige…and the Tasty kit was born.

Check it out!


[ DesignsMagicalness (overlays: chevron, polka dot, diagonal stripe, hearts), Tasty (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tasty, yummy, food, get in ma belly), Happy Stuff (be yourself), Something To Say (gotta love this), Design Secret Class Extras (hand drawn box), Love: Every Little Thing (yellow patterned paper)

Don’t you just want to let out this high pitched AAAAAH!!!!? I especially love the 18×24 prints on her wall!! And what just makes it all even more so cool is those backgrounds. You may recognize the designs from the Magicalness kit. How awesome is that?

Here’s all about this project from Laura:

When Kerri asked us to “think outside the box”, my mind immediately went to wall art. I have quite a few walls that need a little something to complete them, but I decided to focus on the kitchen instead. Well over four years ago, I re-did my kitchen, and I picked out a ton of picture frames to display in the area above my kitchen cabinets. It’s taken me forever to actually fill those frames, and up until this week, half of those frames were still empty. Yes, they were up there completely empty for FOUR years! I’m so glad Kerri inspired me to work on getting them all filled up.

I put in a request to Kerri for a kitchen/food themed kit of her fabulous hand written, brush script words, and she came back a few days later with her new Tasty kit. Because these frames sit high up in the kitchen, I knew that I really didn’t need to spend time cutting out the words and piecing paper products together to fill those frames, as no one would be seeing them up close. So I decided to make some digital prints, using the PNG files of her designs.

I love the chalkboard look that is so trendy right now, and knew that the hand drawn brush script words would give that sort of chalkboard look I was going for. I also love adding in black and white prints, canvases, and photos in my home décor, since I have a lot of light oak furniture that I can’t do much about right now. Adding in lots of black around my home has helped balance out those lighter items. I pulled up two different black digital papers to use as my backgrounds and created the “canvases” I’d be working on, depending on the size of the frames. I added one of Kerri’s overlays from her Magicalness kit to each background as well, lowering the opacity to about 20% to add a fun, subtle touch. I then added my word of choice to the center, changing the color overlay to white and adding a small drop shadow to the word as well. Once I was done, I flattened my layers and uploaded my final prints to Costco to order.

I love how simple and easy these were to complete. Because I stuck to the same basic idea, and used lots of the same elements (the same black digital patterned papers, the overlays, and hand drawn brush script words), I was able to create these in just minutes once I had the idea down. I also created two BIG prints for my family room, using the exact same ideas. I went with two 18×24″ prints, and I just love how they turned out. Knowing that you can use Kerri’s cuts as digital files as well opens up a world of possibilities for creating your own wall art and home décor!

I think this is a brilliant idea! And just making it a print so you don’t need to cut? Fab. I think she definitely thought outside the ‘birthday’ box on this one. :)


And now for the winners of the Project Life goodies:

Winner of the Cinnamon Kit:   Ginger Kentzell
Winner of the Turquoise Kit:   Erin Stevenson
Winner of the Overlays:   Stacie Dietz

Congratulations ladies! I have forwarded your emails on to the fabulous people at Becky Higgins and they will get you hooked up with your goodies!


Thank you all for helping me celebrate this birthday week!

It’s been so much fun and I’ve had a blast. I also want to give a shout out to my amazing Creative Team. They always do such amazing things and I’m lucky to have them be a part of each and every month sharing their talents here.

And just one last quick reminder: Today is the last day of the sale.  :)