That’s right folks! I know many of you have been waiting for this and now…it’s coming!


The Getting To Know You Silhouette Class will be available using Silhouette Studio version 3 on September 22.

Can we get a yahoooo?!!!

I really wanted to make sure that most of the kinks had been worked out of the new software and that the majority of enhancements had been added to create the best learning experience. Therefore, now is the time. :)

Here are a few Q&As.

Q  |  If I have previously purchased this class–whether at KBS or–will I already have access to this class?

A  |  Yes. You will have access to the updated version of this class. No need to purchase it again. (Please note: If you purchased it at, that’s where you will have access to it.)

Q  |  Is the overall content and project the same?

A  |  Basically yesMuch of what we did in the original class is still relevant and fun, so it will remain the same. But we’ll cover the basics of new enhancements or features in the new version too. It’ll be a great overview of what the software can do, especially if you’re just starting out.

Q  |  Will I have access to the class for the old version if I buy the class now? Can I watch version 2 videos now?

A  |  Yes. You will have access to the classroom and message board for the previous class that used version 2. When the updated class goes live, both classes will still be available. You can choose which one you’d rather take. (I know that some people have preferred not to update yet.)

  |  If I already own the class at KBS, how do I access it once it becomes available?

A  |  You will access it just like you normally would through your Getting To Know You classroom link. You will have a choice to use the Version 2 or the Version 3 set of videos. Those accessing the class via will follow the links there.

If you have not purchased this class and would like to: 

You can save 20% on the new, lower-priced, class. The sale price is in affect until the first day of the new class.

Class prices in the combo packs have also been adjusted to accommodate the lower price and the sale price for this one class.

But wait, there’s more! 
(You know i love to say that.)

If you sign up by the end of the week (that’s Sunday), you can get this week’s ‘Two-Fer Tuesday’ kit for free! (This is not in the store until tomorrow…Tuesday.)

You can also get the kit for free if you purchase a combo pack through Sunday.


It is the perfect addition to the album we’re creating on family and/or being together.

To sign up for the class, use the Store link above for all class choices or click HERE

So excited!!!