Baby, I Got Your Number

I love numbers (and letters). It’s one of my most very favorite items to use as accents on a page. It’s simple–almost seems like a no-brainer–but it adds so much. It might explain why so much of what I create revolves around words and numbers. ;)

So I thought perhaps I’d share a few ways of how to incorporate numbers in a little different fashion.

1  |  The Bigger The Better

I remember there was a life before Silhouette–if you can call it that. It was called the Dark Ages. If we wanted a hand-cut title, we had to print text in reverse and cut it with an X-Acto knife. Simple shapes were only cut by using templates. How did we even get anything done with all that tedious cutting?

I was at the mercy of the industry. My wants and needs were only met if, and only if, the industry was able to satisfy them. It was a sad time. Full of despair. I wanted what I wanted. I wanted instant gratification.

I was denied, always denied.

One day, while at a trade show, I came across a company that sold large diecut numbers. Oh how the number gods smiled on me that day. We’re talking 7″ tall…9″ tall…..they were divine. The company allowed me to pick a number or two and I chose 3 and 9, because that’s what I was turning that year. (If I could find this page, I would include it, but alas, it’s in some stack somewhere.)

I love big numbers and I cannot lie.

Not only are they a marvelous accent for your page, but they’re also informative. And with our digital craft cutters, we can now do any number in any size in any color or pattern.

Can I get an amen!

One of my favorite looks is to use that large number as an accent, background or even flying solo in a Project Life pocket 3×4. I like them both in positive and negative (in white cardstock is divine) or printed extending beyond the boundaries…looking a little something like these.


(Font:  Poster Bodini or Gourmandise)

And just because I like them big, doesn’t mean they have to consume the page, but they can be a focus or key element.

Here’s where I used a similar style number for a page in the Design Secrets class. Aaaaand notice the number border going along the side.


So this may seem an obvious choice in using numbers, but it’s one of my favorite ways of using an accent.

2  |  Do As The Romans Do

Part of my obsession with numbers has to be with using them in unique ways. And my latest fascination is creating a date–a year, in particular–using a Roman Numeral style. Okay, so maybe that is combining my love of alphas and numbers, but you get the gist.

I was playing with some different options for some dates. I have to admit, I like the 1900 dates because you get to use MCM to make 19 and oodles of other letters to make up the very big year. 2014 doesn’t have as much meat to its look, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

You could make some really cute stacked styles.
I’m partial to a black and white color scheme myself.


You could staple them to a photo or to other tags, looking something like this:


But then you could also just make one line of letters and put it on a cute tag shape too!
Yes, this is the year Dan+I got married…and yes, that’s us. ;)
I just had to show off how long that number is! You figure it out.


3  |  Location. Location. Location.

Now we get to combine two of my favorite passions: numbers and travel. 

In this modern age of you know where everyone is because your phone knows where you are, GPS coordinates are a great addition to the numbers family.

In my recent Here There Everywhere class, I used GPS coordinates of locations that I’d been to, like on this page here:


I think this is seriously one of my favorite accents in my whole album. Simple, but just adds something totally fresh and different. Nothing you could ever buy–specific to Silver Creek, Idaho? Maybe some of the big cities. But this way you can make something totally personal for your own needs by just using a few little ol’ numbers. Search for GPS coordinates online and you’ll find something you can plug a place into and get numbers.

Needs. Wants. Instant gratification.

We live in a marvelous world, indeed.

I give it a 10.

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  1. Sue August 25, 2014 at 7:50 am

    Hi Kerry
    I rarely leave comments but I just wanted to say today that I love your blog and all the useful hints and tips that you pass on are very much appreciated, many thanks

  2. 3kidmama August 25, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Great post. Now you’ve got me falling in love with numbers as well! Such great suggestions – and congrats on celebrating your 26th anniversary this year. :)

  3. Barbara August 25, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Love the idea of the roman numerals – I used to be obsessed with them in grade school (maybe it was because I was good at interpreting them and others were not). Now I am going to use that idea in my albums – thank you. I also love using the larger numbers but never seem to get it to look right.

  4. brenda howell August 25, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    Now this might be a silly question but…..
    how did you do the little GPS tag?? so cute!!

    • Kerri August 25, 2014 at 8:06 pm

      You could create it with a text box in Word or PS or whatever.
      Add color to the box and type your text.
      It’s pretty easy. :)

  5. Trish August 26, 2014 at 6:23 am

    I love the way your mind works! The GPS coordinates are brilliant!

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