Tag! You’re It!

I’ve been a tag and clip collector for years. Years.  I have quite the pile...or rather, baggie full of assorted bits of paper and piles of various clips. I’ve collected all shapes and sizes and they’ve been sitting there-mostly collecting dust--as a constant inspiration to my little creative world over time. A few have come to fruition here and there and some have been waiting for this day.   Yay! When it takes me a while to create a certain subject, I ask myself, ‘Why didn’t I get this done before?’ I guess it’s just a matter of priorities and [...]

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Flash Friday • Handwritten Words

Friday is upon us and that means it's a great day for handwritten words! Save 30% on orders of $10 or more on all handwritten goodies.Use code WRITE at checkout. This is our last Friday in September. I can't even believe it. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Birthday Moment #38

Last week I had many great birthday moments. Like this one. Flowers from a friend, that still look like this even almost a week later...as I was so admiring this morning. That's happiness in a bunch.

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Baby, It’s A Brand New Day • Color Theory Coupon • Winners

Well, it's official. Getting To Know You Silhouette Version 3 class has begun! Not only is it a freshly updated class, but the classroom has a fresh new look. Goin' clean and simple and trying to streamline. Take a look. The first section is a little introduction. The second section is what you need to know before you get started. The third section are links to lessons or videos. If you select the lesson heading--like Lesson 1--it will take you to the full content for that day's lesson. If you click on the links listed below, it will take you [...]

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A Birthday Surprise • Studio Calico Giveaway!

Now, you just know we couldn't have this massive birthday week without a birthday surprise, right? We may be done with the Brown Paper Packages, but... ...we still have one more giveaway to...well...giveaway! Those fabulous folks at Studio Calico have given me some fun stuff to share with one lucky person. Check out these amazing new additions to their Color Theory Inks line! Someone, somewhere, in this beautiful colorful land is going to get this fun little bundle. Those colors are so cheerful, it would totally make my day to see it in a Studio Calico box upon arrival and openage [...]

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Brown Paper Packages Comes To An End? (+ Giveaway and Flash Friday)

Say it ain't so! This week has seriously gone way faster than I ever expected. I have a feeling the rest of the year is going to do the same. Sometimes we just need to slow down our pace of life. I think I've been better about that this year, but I have my moments still. A little too many lately, it seems. breathe. Okay, that being said, we have a full day ahead! :) Today I'm sharing a couple projects that I worked on for this week. I wish I could have made the rest that are in my [...]

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Brown Paper Packages ala Layle + Heidi Swapp Giveaway!

We've been having such a grand week so far. Could it get any better? Uhhh...can I get a big ol'... ...heck yes! We have some more absolute awesomeness coming from Layle today. She was one busy gal concocting up all these goodies! I'm gonna let all the work speak for itself first and then I will speak at the end. Because...um...wow?   [ Design | Feathers ] Layle says:  I love these feathers!  I wanted the package to be fairly neutral, so I cut the feathers from white card stock.  When I laid them down on the front of the package, [...]

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Brown Paper Packages | Christmas Style + Yet Another Giveaway!

Wednesday already. Three days in to our little Brown Paper Packages event. I can't even believe it. You know what I can't even believe more than that? Those cute girls over at Eighteen25 shared a '100 Days 'Til Christmas' ABC Family photo on Instagram yesterday. What the french toast? It's comin' folks. It'll be here before you can say 'Bob's your uncle.' I know there are tons of you getting ready for Christmas, whether it's decorations or gifts, there's been a lot of Christmas stuff flying off the ol' KBS shelves lately. ;) Well, this week is the perfect time to start [...]

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Brown Paper Packages….or Bags + Another Giveaway

Well. It's happened. Goodbye 47. Hello 48.  I've been digging my 40s. Not had a problem with them at all. It's a good time in life. Kids are a bit older. The pace of life begins to slow down a bit...kind of. It still has its moments, but that may be more self-inflicted due in large part to owning my own business. At any rate, other than this funky shoulder and getting 'older vision', I can't complain too much. It's 'turning 50' that I think will get to me somewhat. I always looked at those people in my neighborhood that [...]

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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String + Giveaway

This song has literally been in my head for months. Months. At the beginning of this year I bought a roll of brown postal paper. Oh, the thoughts I've had in my head for using this. Hence, the song. I see the roll. I see something in kraft. I hear the song. I knew I wanted to personally do a post around this theme, but could never seem to get my 'packages' in a row. Until now. There's a reason for everything and I'm so glad I could never make it happen just for me because it just got sooo much [...]

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