All That Glitters Is Golden

Gold is the rage right now.

Have you noticed?

It seems that everywhere you turn, there’s some sort of twinkle in the yellow-colored genre.

In my house, I’ve had the MME Market Street paper pack staring at me for a couple months at least (shh….it may have even been longer than that considering I got it from 2Peas).


Yeah, I know. I haven’t put it away. But when you have something like this staring at you constantly, it’s just too pretty to put away.

Well, constantly seeing that beautiful shiny gold combined with a recent addition to my arsenal of some Silhouette gold vinyl and my mind was a-twirlin’ with some things I wanted to try.

More specifically?

Something a little along these lines:


Who can resist the flare of gold with the even the simplest of accessories…aka, white cardstock.

So today I thought I’d share a few tips and techniques on how you can show off your glittery stuff. One of these days I hope to actually use them on a real project. ;)

First, let me start by saying that I am using the Silhouette Premium vinyl. It is very sticky, especially when placed on cardstock. I would like to try the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil because it’s a sticker, but I had what I had and it still worked. You just have to be really careful with it.

The Design

When I saw that shiny goodness, I immediately though, ‘Ohhhh, this would be so awesome using the brush script words!’ You may have seen the image I shared on Facebook and Instagram last week.

This time I used the you design from the new Grammar School: The Pronouns kit. Here’s a little video on how I made the designs I was working with.


Circle Image on Card

I love the look of brush script in a circle. I think it’s just ever-so dreamy. So using the technique in the video, here’s what I made with the final cut.


  1. Cut the design with a square around it. This not only gives you two design elements to play with, but it helps when weeding away excess vinyl. You don’t have to use as much, the image is contained, and you can place transfer tape over it much easier.
  2. Try to place the image as centered into the grid of the transfer tape. It’s much easier to line up the placement on the card. Like I said, this is sticky stuff. If it touches the cardstock, you might be in trouble.
  3. I didn’t rub the transfer tape to the cardstock, but rather, I just barely touched where the image is and it stuck. Like I keeps saying….sticky stuff. :) Peel off all the transfer tape.
  4. Once the transfer tape is gone, you are left with a darling 3×4 Project Life card!

Solid Gold Card

Part of the beauty of this gold vinyl is the possibilities. And I loved the possibilities of making a 3×4 card in pretty much all gold.


  1. Add a 3×4 rectangle around the you circle and cut two of them from gold. Might as well. Utilize the extra space, right? On something like this, I’ll draw a straight line below the two designs in Studio to make a ‘cut line’ so I can weed it better. I like working with a small space and avoid cutting and messes where ever possible.
  2. Place the piece of transfer tape from the previous card over the you area to keep it all in order. I figured I didn’t need a full 3×4 section–just one to hold the words in place. And here’s a tip, rather than trying to fit it onto a 3×4 card, put it on a larger piece of cardstock and trim it down. That you’re not fighting with placement with this ultra sticky stuff.
  3. Remove the transfer tape and trim the card to the 3×4 size.
  4. Voila!


Faux Debossed Card

I adore the look of a gold inset! So of course that had to be part three of this little ensemble. This one was fairly easy because you don’t have to use the sticky part of the vinyl.


  1. Using the design created in the video, add a 3×4 rectangle around it and make sure it’s all centered. Cut from cardstock. Trim a piece of gold vinyl to fit behind it. Make it smaller than the card.
  2. Use a glue pen to add adhesive to the word and around the circle so that it will adhere nicely to the vinyl. Once I put the vinyl down I also used some Scotch tape around the outside edges. The vinyl likes to curl because it’s been in a roll, so the tape helps.


One other cool thing would be to make the card a Print+Cut and add some text to it. I kind of made that observation when I added the word ‘Shiny.’ using Photoshop to the first image. :) My fingers are twiddling wildly in front of my face over that idea.

So there you have it. Shiny. Simple. Sweet.

Apparently, all that glitters is gold(en).


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  1. Dolly September 3, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Thanks very much for the lesson Kerri!
    by the by…I used your contact button to send a question via an email and I have not gotten a response, I only mention it in case you didn’t get it. thanks again

  2. Barbara September 3, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    I love the white and gold combination. More things to add to my list to try. Eventually, I’ll master it all. ha ha

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