Who’s That Knoooocking At My Door

Okay, if you could only hear my grandpa  singing that song in a high-pitched voice upon our arrival at the farm, you would be smiling like me.

We have a new visitor here at the KBS house today!

Say hello to Nicole Reaves!

One day, not too long ago, I was having a little fun Instagram hopping and I came across this very creative girl and I just knew I needed to have her over for a visit. I was beyond thrilled when she said she could come!

If you’ve been looking for some great ideas for your travels this summer, Nicole has got some fabulous ones to share with you today! And to top it off, it’s all about Chicago…which is my kind of town. I love Chicago!


[ Designs | Tiny Details (I have you, Happily Obsessed, Here+There, Discover) / Tiny Details: Calendar (day of the month tags) / Here We Go / On The Calendar (august) / Seven Days A Week (monday, tuesday) / Beautiful Somewhere (green paper, arrow paper, beautiful places card) ]

If only you could  see what color I am….because I am tickled pink!

Where do I start?

I love how Nicole stitched the handwritten days of the week across the calendar cards. And how she used pieces of the card elements as paper accents. The giant Here We Go cut in vellum and placed over a photo and then stitched? Divine. And did you catch the ‘Here+There’ card cut to a smaller piece, turned sideways, and stitched to the pockets as a tab? Hello???

So many itty bitty details. You just need to pore over it all. :)

Here’s what Nicole has to say:

I was thrilled when Kerri asked if I’d like to work with some of her product and immediately knew I wanted to create a few Project Life spreads from our recent trip to Chicago with her hybrid travel kits, particularly the Beautiful Somewhere and Tiny Details cards. Both sets go together so nicely, so I chose them as my starting point.

I scaled down the Tiny Details cards so they were about 1″ wide and just stitched them onto my photos as a simple embellishment. Then on each 2-page spread I chose some of Kerri’s handwritten words to create a bold title card. I cut August, Monday and Tuesday from black cardstock to coordinate with the dominant grays from my photos. My favorite cards in these spreads are the day cards where I layered a day of the week cut with a Tiny Details : Calendar card (which I enlarged to 2″ wide) on patterned paper. After trimming off the bottom half of the calendar card, it left me with just enough room to add some journaling below where I listed where we went that day.

I loved using the patterned filler cards like patterned paper and cut scraps to brighten up my journaling cards. I even grabbed the Here We Go freebie Kerri made, sized it to 6″ wide by 8″ high, and cut that on vellum with the Silhouette. I laid it over a photo of downtown Chicago from the Hancock Building and simply stitched along the horizontal lines in the design. I love how you can still see bits of the photo through the vellum.

I am just in love with the Project Life-ness of it all!

Thank you so much for stopping by the KBS house Nicole!
We have so loved having you over for a visit!

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  1. Sally September 8, 2014 at 11:24 am

    I recently discovered Nicole through Pinterest- She is amazing! I’m glad she came knocking on your door!

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