Last Minute Halloween Decor

All Hallows' Eve. It's today. Are you going crazy with costume mania? Got some festivities a-happenin' at your haunted little house? Need a quick, last-minute spook-tacular home decor idea? Check out what Nichol has made! It'll knock your witchy-poo socks off for sure! [ Designs | Something Wicked ] These are just completely awesome! I even showed it to my BFF, because she wanted to do the same thing--particularly with the Full Moon quote. love. Here's what Nichol has to say to us on this fine Halloween: Last Christmas I discovered how awesome Kerri's Print and Cuts look printed on [...]

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The Fruits of our Labor

There is nothing more peaceful and lovely than spending time on the farm in the fall. And if you can top it off with an awesome harvest of Golden Delicious Apples? it's pure heaven. Earlier this month we took a trip up to our family farm to pick apples. It is one of my most favorite memories of the farm. I spent a few falls there during my youth as well as weekend trips up as I got older and started raising my own family. There's nothing better than being able to pick an apple right off the tree. I [...]

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Halloween Flashback

Thought I'd pop in real quick with a Halloween Flashback. Sharing one of my favorite pages I've made. Clean and simple. Recording a snippet of our Halloween traditions + fall favorites. What are your favorite Halloween traditions? [ Designs | Weathered Door (october) / Tree+Year from Graphically Speaking Cricut cartridge ]

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For The Love Of Pockets….and Fall.

As you may have seen, I created my album for the Here There Everywhere class using pocket scrapbooking--Project Life style. Believe it or not, that was my first real major undertaking using pocket scrapbooking. I whole-heartedly believe in the Project Life (pocket scrapbooking) way of life. I've even created three kits and continue to create art for pocket pages here on my site. Oh, and speaking of, did you catch the brand new Something Wicked kit that I shared on social media yesterday? :) ( is a good time to pick this up during the fabulous fall sale!)   I love the simplicity [...]

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Fall IS Pretty Fabulous

Not only is this fabulous sale going on right now through October 31, but we have this fabulous Project Life (pocket) page from Miss Maggie! [ Designs | All About Fall (hello fall, autumn, leaves changing colors)/ Beautiful Somewhere (chevron, map, Everyone Needs..., This Is Pretty Awesome, For The Love...)   / October Thirty-One (october) ] Don't know about you, but it knocks my socks off. :) Love  how Maggie added her own special touches to each of the 3x4 cards. Love that the card bases are white and have their touch of color so that the photos really pop! As the card say, this is pretty [...]

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Fabulous Fall Sale + Winners!

The leaves are whirlin' around in the wind these days...even though it's going to be 80 today. What??? I'm going to be really sad when all those glorious colors are no longer in the beautiful trees where they belong and instead, we are left with bare nekkedness when looking towards the skies. Can't they just stay on the trees and maintain the beautiful colors until spring? I guess not, eh? And this is the last week of October...just six days until Halloween. So I guess it's the perfect time for this: Excludes the new Santa's Workshop class and the individual [...]

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Where In The World Is Kerri Bradford • Contest

If you've been following me on social media--Facebook and Instagram--you know that I went 'radio silent' for a few days. I actually left my computer at home and went away with the family for a few days. Leaving my computer behind was a rather big decision. I've always taken my laptop so that I could do work that needed to be done while gone. Well, this time, I took the plunge and left it home....and it felt grand. I was able to focus on where I was--with my family--and could 'stop and appreciate' the various places we went without thinking about [...]

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To Spook or Not To Spook

It's Friday and that means we've pretty much come to the weekend, not to mention we are just two weeks from Halloween folks! Dan's been hard at work creating spooky things for Evermore again this year. They are making it bigger and better than last year and should be loads of fun. If you're in the area you should check it out. Here's a little preview to tantalize your tastebuds. And if you're not-so-much the Halloween fan and would really love to use all the All About Fall kit, check out what you can do that's not in the spooky category. Laura [...]

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