Last Friday was quite a treat. Lisa Bearnson texted me early in the a.m. asking if she could come by to visit with a friend…and to bring me a surprise. Because I had to go up that direction to get my ‘mono-vision’ set of contacts, I told her I’d come meet her at her house instead.

The lovely New Zealander, Mandy Blake, was in town visiting Lisa for a few days while on her U.S. vacation.


This girl is truly as genuine as they come. She’s the real deal. I’ve come to know Mandy through my side of life too and I always love hearing from her. So when Lisa said she was coming to town, I sooo wanted to meet her! I was thrilled that I got the opportunity to do just that. If you follow Lisa, you’ll know that Mandy has been such an amazing friend to her and her son Collin while he is in New Zealand for his LDS mission.

I could have sat and listened to her talk all day. Love the New Zealand/Australian accent. Seeing NZ is definitely on my bucket list. Some day… Maybe I’ll come visit you Mandy! :)

And part two of the treat included a literal ‘treat’…or rather…’trick or treat’ as well as a haunted house. 


(FYI, the haunted house front slipped in transit, but the background just looked like a shadow. Still looks cool though. :) )

This comes from the talented Michael Lazorchak. You have probably seen his work when Lisa is on HSN. He’s done many projects for her and I’ve been privi to see them first hand when I’ve been helping her with the show.

Well, this time he sent me a little somethin’-somethin’ in addition to a little somethin’ for Lisa. Check out the lighting that he added to Lisa’s haunted house. Holy cow! That’s incredible! I love that idea!


Love the twist on the Jingle All The Way frame from last year. And before you freak out, that is a rubbery bug on the window. It’s movable. It’s awesome. :)

Thank you, Michael, for the Trick or Treat frame! I love it and it has been added to my Halloween motif at home. :)

What a great day, eh?