Loving It While It Lasts

Sometimes the slower–more picturesque–road is better than the fast get-ya-home road. This is how I felt the other evening as I made the choice to keep going straight down the slower road  rather than taking a right to head over to the ‘main drag’.

The sun was setting and one of my favorite tree-lined streets was all a glow with the remaining golden leaves on the trees.

That nature is changing.

The trees that were once full of gold are slowly fading away–literally and figuratively. Eventually those trees will be bare and I will be sad. That’s why I have to take every opportunity to slow down and choose the beautiful road over the fast-paced one.

I keep asking if we couldn’t just keep up the fall leaves all through winter. Maybe in February they can disappear to make way for the new ones.

Nobody’s listening to that idea.

Well,  here’s one way to always be able to enjoy fall. Taking photos and keeping them forever. I also think it’s a great way to document the time of year that they turned. Because I know that this year, they started turning early–like end of August, which was way crazy. We had a cold spell and just like magic–poof–they started.

Take a look at this darling page Naomi made to capture fall in her *ehem* neck of the woods.


[ Designs | All About Fall (words) / This+That: Autumn (leaves) ]

Love all the metallic autumn touches! And man, I just wanna go sit there on that chair and be surrounded by that golden goodness. Move over chica…I’m a-comin’. ;)

Here’s what Naomi has to say:

I used the new All About Fall and die-cut leaves from  This+That Autumn.  I then splattered them with gold tea stain, and used some leaves I got from the dollar store and glittered them up for some extra dimension.

Me likey the extra dimension!

Now get out and enjoy the last bits of fall while it’s still there. Unless someone gets the memo to keep the leaves on until February? They’ll be gone before we know it.

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  1. Kary Nelson November 10, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    There’s a reason those leaves don’t stay on until February–if they did, when the snow flies it freezes to the leaves, making them so heavy that the branches just break off. I live in Colorado and this happens every few years with either an early snow in the fall before the leaves are gone or a late one in the spring after the trees leaf out. It is awful–broken branches (and sometimes even whole trees) snap off and litter the ground. So turns out it is a blessing that the leaves fall!

    But fall is my favorite season–enjoy every minute!

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