My time has been extremely limited over the past couple weeks–well, the past month, including a trip to DC. Not only have I been preparing for the new workshop, I have two callings in church  that have kept me hopping these past couple months–the biggest one being our ‘Super Saturday’ in which we do several crafts all day. Whew. That one is over at least.

But yesterday we had what’s called Activity Days. The other leader and I meet with the ten-year old girls and do different things. It’s kind of like scouts without the camps and obnoxious cheers.

I allotted myself  one hour to prepare a gratitude journal for six girls…since it’s November and all. I made the base and then gave them product to decorate it with. This is what I came up with. Remember, it needed to be fast and it was only the base so they could add their own embellishments and I worked with what I had on hand–which ranged from newer Simple Stories  + Bella Blvd (thanks Layle and Laura ;) ) to old QVC product…as in older than they were, as we discovered. ( ha ha! )


















The girls really had fun with this activity. When we told them it was time to clean up and go, I heard lots of disappointment. So I guess that was good. :) The one girl that made the ultra thick one (pictured) ended up sitting on hers to make it a little flatter. That was kind of funny.

I’m glad it turned out well because when you only have an hour to pull it together? You never know what will come of that. :)

Here’s the nitty gritty on making them.

Supplies needed for 1 journal:
2  3×4 journaling cards from a 12×12 sheet of paper so it can be folded
1 coin envelope for them to glue where they want
1 tag
3 pieces copy paper, cut in half and then folded in half
postal paper, cut into 6 1/8 x 9″ pieces
1 letter cut for their initial
1 phrase of ‘i am grateful’ printed onto photo paper
1 long stapler or some other kind of binding device

  1. Cut two 3×4 cards, copy paper and postal paper, and fold them in half.
  2. Fold the tag about 1/3 and 2/3.
  3. Place the cards in at two pages in and the tag at four pages in. It just adds a little dimension to to the album.
  4. Staple four times along the fold for the binding.
  5. Cut their initials.
  6. Print ‘i am grateful’ onto some photo paper
  7. Gather whatever other supplies, including the coin envelope, for them to decorate with.