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This time of year there is much to be grateful for. I think, perhaps, for many of us it is the family relationships we have. It’s not always perfect. There is bickering to be heard all growing up, I’m sure. But it’s funny how those little bickering moments turn into funny memories when they are older, as I’ve seen happen with my own children. And there’s nothing better when they are getting along peacefully and you see them offer a helping hand or  a hug when you least expect it. Like Layle happened to catch here in this photo in today’s layout. 

brothers - close up2
brothers - close up


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Ohhhh, I am so in love with this glittery gold! And you probably wouldn’t think that ‘glitter+boys’ would necessarily go together, but it’s absolutely perfect with that wood-grain and white feathers.

gorgeous. simply gorgeous. 

Here’s what Layle has to say:

I snapped this photo a few weeks ago – I just happened to turn around and saw this beautiful moment taking place.  Our 16 year old son was giving his younger 13 year old brother football advice on the sidelines.  So many things ran through my head when I got home and pulled the photo up on my computer.  How lucky we are to have 2 wonderful boys, how special they are to us and to each other, and how successful they both are and will continue to be as they grow older.  But the thing that hit me most was how grateful I am that they have such a strong relationship.  Sure, they’re brothers.  And that means sometimes they don’t get along and they fight and they antagonize each other.  But for the most part, they are more than brothers, they’re friends, and for that I’m so extremely thankful!

Kerri’s ‘brothers’ script word from the All in  the Family kit was perfect for this layout.  I wanted to keep pretty much everything on the layout the same color tone, so I cut the word from American Crafts gold glitter cardstock.  When I adhered it to the woodgrain background, it blended in a little too much, so I outlined the word with a black pen.  I paired the gold word with glittered gold feathers – I made some of these a few months back here and loved them so much that I made them again for this layout.


What a moment Layle. And what  a page.

Love does happen here–in your home and in your life–even when you’re not looking.


And now, heres a brand new kit to help you capture your special home+family relationships this Thanksgiving-ee time of year. Here is Hello November.


hello november cards

A little design tip. Because the Simply Wicked had some pretty cool fall-related designs, I wanted both to be able to work together, so they have a color scheme that matches up pretty darn well.

Also, there are three cards that include a ‘distressed’ version of the PNG because I just thought it would be fun to mix it up a little. You know me and variety. ;)

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