We’re a few days into our new year already. (And I will neither confirm nor deny that I was looking for sandals the other night.) There is so much to look forward to for this brand new year (like spring, ha ha), but there are things that didn’t get done before the last year ended and need to be rounded up now.

What on earth am I talking about, you say?

Well, to say the last three months of 2014 were challenging is putting it mildly…especially the last five weeks of the year. I won’t go into details, but needless to say, two major projects in my business plan did not get executed as planned.

That would be a revamp of The History Project 2015 and the brand new second class

[insert working title here] in the Silhouette series.

So what does that mean?

This class is getting a little makeover. Don’t worry, all the content is pretty much the same. But I’ve done two years of this class using 52 weeks in the entire year. So this year I’d like to try it in a condensed class that occurs in ten weeks, give or take. One thing that I’ve noticed in comments–and even from myself–is that a year is a long time to do this. And by that I mean, we can get pretty busy at various times throughout a year. You work on your history, you get busy, it gets set aside and then you have to kind of remind yourself and motivate yourself to get back into it.

So this year, I’d like to try a different approach and rope it in to a class of several weeks and see how that goes for people for 2015. I also have a really fun add-on in the works for anyone who has taken the class, so watch for all of that coming soon.

The second class, Oh The Places You Will Go, that is currently available in the store is on sale because it’s being retired. The information and skills you learn there are still fabulous and it’ll help you become a Silhouette guru no matter what version (v2 or v3) you are using. So much of the software is still the same in both version, so it’s still an excellent class.

But it’s been almost three years now since its first appearance (what???) and it’s time to make new projects and use that fun new version 3 of the Studio software.

This is not an update like the Getting To Know You class, but rather it’s a brand new class with brand new projects. We will still be learning many of the same types of skills, but now it’ll be done in version 3. If you feel like you learned great stuff in the current Places class and are wielding your Silhouette like no other, then you don’t need to purchase this new class again. But if you like just following along, making new things, and getting a refresher course, then feel free to join in on the fun. :)

So there you have it.

I have quite a busy couple months ahead of me, but it will be so worth it in the end.

Watch for more details and the new sign up for The History Project 2015 coming soon. Please note, if you’ve already taken the class in the past two years, no need to sign up for it again–you will always have access to the same PDFs and elements you’ve had access to. But this year’s class will now be available only to students that sign up for the 2015 year (the content is pretty much still the same, but reorganized). If you signed up for The History Project after October 1, 2014, you will automatically be a part of this new class.

And because I hate posting without a photo, here’s a random photo that I came upon when spot checking what photos I was looking at in my list of photos. It caught me off-guard and almost made feel like I was doing something I ought not to be doing. But I love the photo still the same. :)

And besides, it makes me feel like he’s pointing at me and saying in a deep billowy voice, “Get ‘er done!” ;)

There’s some motivation.