Nope. I’m not talkin’ about all the broo-ha-ha going on in daytime television. You won’t find Rosie or Whoopi here folks.

What you will find is a wonderful ‘perspective’ coming from Laura. It’s a fabulous idea!


[ DesignsPack Your Bags (the view) / Storyboard Instagram Style (photo template) ]

Here’s what Laura has to say:

A while back, I had been searching thru Kerri’s cut files in my Silhouette library and came across one from the Pack Your Bags kit that said “the view”. It might have come from a travel related kit, but it immediately gave me an idea for a layout about some of my daycare kiddos. One of my favorite ways to take pictures of the little ones is to stand above them and wait until they look up at me, which is when I snap the picture. Or I will have one of them sitting in my lap, and I will hold the camera above us and snap away, hoping that one actually captures us in the frame. I thought it would be fun to gather up a bunch of these photos from over the years for a layout.

I used one of Kerri’s collage templates from the Storyboard Instagram Style kit for my photos. I used the template that had two rows with five photos on each row. I created two of these collages, as my original idea for the page was to have the two collages separate from each other. In the end, I ended up combining them together, so that it actually looks like one large collage. I cut my title, “the view”, from the yellow and red patterned papers and from the navy blue patterned paper as well, so that I could layer them together to add a little dimension. And since I am almost always guaranteed to lose the dots from my i’s when I die cut my titles, I added a little enamel dot in it’s place.

I love the kids looking up. It’s a view you see so often as a mom or aunt or grandma… The look of innocence. Those eyes. Just what are they thinking? They have their whole life ahead of them. The future is theirs.

As my kids are all now in college, I wish I had photos like this of them. Guess I’ll have to settle for taking pics of their kids. They will have awesomely dressed children with amazing photos. I’ll see to that…if they ever get married, that is. ;)