Photo Template Sale!

March 31st, 2015|photo templates|

photo template sale2
In anticipation of  going through the 1400+ photos that I took over the past couple weeks,
I thought it might be fun to have a little sale on photo templates!

Now through Sunday you can save 25% on photo templates
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Top Ten Tips For Road Trips

March 30th, 2015|travel|

There are a lot of things you do or even learn while you’re on a two-week road trip. Of course, a lot of what I did or learned can be applied to trips in general. But I thought it would be nice to share some these things here for you today in hopes that it might help you some day. And please don’t worry, I was not standing that close to the trolley to take the photo. Zoom lenses are awesome like that. :)

01  |  GPS.

This is by far one of the most valuable tools we had–in both driving and walking…or even knowing what trolley stop you need. I seriously don’t know what we did before GPS. And I think that I said that probably a hundred times on our trip.

And I don’t have ‘unlimited data’ in the sense that I only have 1G free data because I just don’t use it much on a regular basis. I can go over the 1G, but it becomes slower (T-Mobile). I was worried and careful on our trip to not use up all the data. But we were on the road for two weeks and not only did I check Facebook, Instagram and information on the web, but I used the Maps app frequently–both walking and driving and including times of letting it talk to me, and I still only used 650M of data. Not bad. I would monitor my data usage just to make sure I wasn’t using too much within each leg of the trip and would try to hold off on looking at more time-consuming things until we had wi-fi, like at the hotel. Wanted to make sure it lasted through the entire two weeks. :)

We do have a GPS in our car, but we haven’t updated it since we bought it eight years ago. So needless to say, the phone is always more up-to-date. I also loved being able to see just how far it was from Point A to Point B. Believe it or not, there are many places where the road signs don’t tell you the miles to the major city you’re going to, only the smaller ones that come first. Also, it shows it in real time when there are slowdowns going on. That’s pretty sweet.

02  |  Go off the beaten path.

Whether you are driving or walking, take the path less traveled. I have said this before here on the blog and it is one of my favorite tips. We took many highways–more out of necessity in the south–and they were delightful. You get the small town feel and often a much more scenic route. Also, if you’re walking around, don’t hang out in the crowded areas. Take walks around scenic neighborhoods. Be sure to take in all that you see and look at the details.

03  |  Talk to others.

Don’t be afraid to talk to others–including tourists or locals–to find out if there’s something else cool to see. The ‘popular’ places are easy to find. Most hotels may direct you here or there for good food. And that’s cool. But if you want to go for the good stuff, ask the people that live there. Also, ask other tourists what’s been the favorite part of their trip.

04  |  Keep notes.

Keep a notebook handy to write down what you’ve done for the day or a thought that comes to mind about where you are or what you are experiencing. You will forget!

05  |  Know before you go, but be open to spontaneity.

This is kind of a bigger story. We’d planned to see St. Louis Cemetery #1 while in New Orleans. It’s near the French Quarter and so we walked from Jackson Square over to it. It was somewhat hot and humid for mid-March and when we got to the cemetery we were told that as of March 1 (just two weeks prior) you could only go into the cemetery with a tour guide due to increasing vandalism. Not only that, tickets were $26 per person! We were rather disappointed. So instead, we went to the visitor’s center across the street and caught the ‘hop on / hop off’ bus tour. We got to enjoy the city from the comfort of a seat and hear the history. During the tour we went down Magazine Street, which I hadn’t heard much about, but we thought it would be a fun place to go look at some shops later.

Later, while we were taking a trolley, I struck up a conversation with the mom of a family there on vacation. We talked about the cemetery thing and she mentioned she was going to Lafayette Cemetery, which was still free. She also helped us make sure which trolleys we should be catching. ;) Along our way back to the hotel, the trolley driver mentioned one of the stops was for a cemetery. What? I checked the GPS and low and behold, the Lafayette Cemetery happened to be just a few blocks away from the hotel we stayed at in the Garden District. I would have figured that out when I looked at the map later, but we were shocked that it was so close. It opened at 8 a.m. We were there shortly after. And we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was shady, cool and amazing. Granted, we didn’t hear historic stories like we would have with a tour guide at a place where famous people are buried, but I enjoyed it just as much, if not more.

Additionally on this subject, it didn’t occur to us that the shops on Magazine Street would close at 5 or 6. That whole ‘know before you go’ would have been a good idea. However, our GPS had shown us that we could take the trolley a few blocks (after dinner), hop off and then we could walk to Magazine Street, which happened to be through a beautiful neighborhood. When we discovered that most of the shops had closed, we opted to take the trolley back to the hotel. But I don’t like going down the same road, so we walked along Magazine Street to go to another road that would take us up to a trolley stop. Because we made this spontaneous choice, we were introduced to District. It’s a cafe, diner, bar, donut shop, etc. Dan, knowing that I wanted something sweet after dinner, says, ‘They have donuts there.’ I was like, ‘I don’t want a donut.’ And the people sitting outside said, ‘Oh. They aren’t donuts. They are something completely different. I don’t know what you’d call them, but they have so much more in the than what you’d see in a donut.’

Okay then. I’m in. We went in and it did not disappoint.

Then, the roads we chose to walk back towards the trolley–and ultimately to look at the closed cemetery–were absolutely amazing. Beautiful homes. Gardens. The whole works. I just soaked it all in. That evening was the highlight of being in New Orleans for me.

06  |  Look.

Take the time to appreciate the beauty of where you are. So many people diss Kansas, but I found it to beautiful and could only imagine would it would be like if the farms were all abundant. It had flat lands in the west, but rolling hills in the middle and east sides. Beautiful sunrise in the flatlands. I also enjoyed looking down the little pathways between homes for gardens in both Savannah and New Orleans. Little secrets that most people may not pay attention to. I also loved all the staircases in Savannah–covered in moss or vines. Beautiful. And don’t even get me started on the trees.

07  |  Pay attention to time and time changes and plan accordingly.

This we weren’t so good at. I don’t know how we managed to hit some metropolitan areas right at rush hour for morning or night. Nashville and Atlanta. Ugh. Additionally, when plotting out the day to drive to Savannah from Montgomery, Alabama, I forgot about the time change. When you lose that valuable hour, it can make all the difference–especially if you hit some construction along the way.

08  |  Take photos from your car.

I took several photos from the car along the drive to remember the landscape. When you are driving everywhere, it all starts to blur together. The photos are meant more for me than anything. I don’t necessarily intend to use them, but in time, I may forget one state from the next, but the photos will help me remember which one was which. Also, be sure to have your camera handy. One of my favorite photos was of the sunrise after leaving Albuquerque, New Mexico. Stunning. And I took it using my dSLR out the front window while hubby was driving.

09  |  Take photos of menus + food.

I know this may sound so cliche or hipster or whatever you want to call it, but I actually do it to remember where + what I ate. I think Dan kind of makes fun of me for doing it, but when he asked what he ate or where we ate at because he couldn’t remember, I said, ‘See? Now you know why I take the photos.’ :)

10  |  Don’t be afraid to take photos.

Sometimes I feel shy about taking photos, particularly if I’m with others that aren’t photo-takers. I sometimes feel awkward. But then I tell my self, ‘Get over it!’ Who cares if people are looking at you? If you want that photo, by golly, go and take it. And always take extra, because sometimes the first one may not turn out.

Photography + Lessons Learned The Hard Way

March 20th, 2015|photography|

One of my favorite parts of New Orleans was going to Lafayette Cemetery, which is locoed in the Garden District. For anyone going to New Orleans and wanting to see the St. Louis Cemetery 1 in Jackson Square, as of March 1 you have to have a tour guide and the one we inquired about was $26 a person!!! We didn’t know this until we’d walked clear over to it from Jackson Square. Being hot and a little tired, we weren’t exactly keen on searching for one and got on the Hop On Hop Off buss right there.

We really wanted to see a cemetery, and so we thought we’d research the other free ones later. As luck would have it, we chatted with a cute little family who were going to the Lafayette Cemetery the next day. When I looked it up, it was just a few blocks from our hotel!

So we opted to go at 8 a.m. the next morning and it couldn’t have been any better. We literally had the place to ourselves except a couple people. It was cool, it was shady, it was empty….sweet! The St. Louis one was crowded, no shade, mid-day….so our serendipitous trip to Lafayette was doubly delightful.

Lesson Learned (or so I hope)

But here’s the lesson I’ve learned. I have a tendency to set a low aperture number on my  camera thinking I’ll get a more artistic shot that way as well as I feel like the lighting will be better in shaded spots. I need to remember to NOT do this in every situation because in a place like the cemetery, it should be more in focus across the board. If I need to, I should set a little higher ISO to compensate. And it seems like it looks good on that little screen. Ohhhh…why must I learn these things the hard way.

Let’s see if I can smack that into my brain.

Here’s one of my favorite shots…even if it isn’t 100% sharp across the board. (The middle is sharp. I am kind of kicking myself.) I played with it and got three color choices.

Which do you prefer?


Catching Up…Yes, Christmas.

March 17th, 2015|laura vegas, pages|

I admit it. My small project of 6×8 Christmas pages is still unfinished. It’s not like it will require me to do a ton of work. But as with many of my projects, I start something and take forever to complete them.

I think that’s why I’m like ‘Go Laura’ for getting all these Christmas pages done.

Oh how I envy her drive to take on this task.

Let’s take a look.


[ Designs | Merry Everything (Under The Tree, Christmas Morning), Storyboard #2 (photo template), Life Additions: Backgrounds (circle background)

What  a quick and easy way to crank through some Christmas photos!
Aaaand a teensy bit jealous that she’s done. ;)

Here’s a few words from Laura:

Back in November of last year I decided to tackle years and years worth of Christmas photos, all of which I have never taken the time to scrapbook. I can’t really explain it, but Christmas is my least favorite topic/theme to scrap. I avoid it at all costs, even though it’s one time of year that I’m guaranteed to have lots of photos. I came up with a plan to scrap years worth of Christmases, quickly and easily. Kerri’s Storyboard Templates were crucial to my plan (which I blogged about HERE.  It only took me a few days to compile 6 years worth of photos, which included 6 family get-togethers and 3 Christmas morning’s with the girls. I created 16 photo collages, which included a total of 143 photos. And from those, I will end up with 6 two page layouts and 3 single page layouts. So far, I’ve created 4 of those two page layouts, and 2 of those single page layouts.

Because I really don’t enjoy scrapping Christmas, I knew I would keep these layouts simple and even a bit on the plain side. Most of them are very photo heavy, as I really wanted to get as many photos on the page as I could. So far, I’ve only adding journaling to one of the six layouts I’ve completed, and I’m totally ok with that. Most Christmases are pretty much the same for my family, so if I were to journal, it would pretty much say the same thing year after year. At one point, I started to worry a bit, as a few layouts started to look too much alike. But then I remembered what I had in mind when I started this project. My whole goal was to just get-them-done and not stress over them.

If there’s a topic/theme/event that you avoid scrapping, or just don’t enjoy scrapping, I still think it’s important to get those memories into your albums one way or another. For me, this was a way to tackle something I don’t necessarily enjoy scrapping, in a very easy and do-able way.

Okay…143 photos??? Wow!
Like I said before, Go Laura!

Journal Template Freebie + The Seeing the U.S. of A. For All Its Beauty

March 15th, 2015|freebies, planners, travel|

For my grand road trip journey, I purchased a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I’d been eyeing them for a few months in anticipation of the trip–wanting a fun recording system, ya know.

I loved the idea of the blank pages for a very clean look, but knowing me, I would be bothered by the fact that I didn’t write straight or evenly. Then the ol’ Silhouette lightbulb went off. I could make my own journaling template in the size I needed and spacing that suited me–or suited a different mood of me.

That’s how this fun little freebie came to light!


To download–forever free–click HERE.


It comes in three different line widths: small, medium and large. You could modify it easily to include more, less, wider, narrower…whatever suits your needs. I’ve been using the medium. Gives me several lines, but my text isn’t squishy.

The lines are cut narrowly so it fits the tip of a pencil just loverly.



And your page looks like you have a great eye. :)


And on another note.

Being on the road, to me, means appreciating every moment of where I am. And this beautiful sunrise we encountered after leaving Albuquerque is no exception. Beauty at its finest. I took this with my dSLR out the front window while hubby was driving down the freeway. It may not be the sharpest photo because of that, but it doesn’t matter. It captured the moment of what we enjoyed…for a long time.

alb sunrise web

I am…

March 13th, 2015|stamps, travel|


I am
about to embark on another great adventure of a different kind.

I am collecting items to use along the way.

I am achieving a life-long dream of mine.

I am driving across this great country of ours.

I am ready to tell the story.

I am ready for this new adventure.

I am hoping you’ll join me for this ‘On The Road’ journey.

I am excited (just a little).


And now for the winner’s of the ‘choice of’ stamp set:

Amy (with ‘psu’ in the email name)
Erin D
Kathleen D

The winners have been notified. Congratulations ladies! And thanks everyone for playing along. It’s so fun to see your enthusiasm for the stamps….which, by the way, are back in stock and have begun shipping to all those that preordered the reorder! 

If you’ve been waiting to order your stamps, now would be a great time to do just that so you won’t have to wait again. ;)

I’ve been working some really great stuff for next month, so be sure to stay tuned for those…and I daresay, maybe even some sneaks! You know how fast they sold out the last time, so be sure to follow me on FB and Instagram for all the latest ‘live’ feeds.

It’s A Giveaway Kind Of Day!

March 11th, 2015|everyday life|

The feeling of spring has got me in one fabulous mood!

And that fabulous mood works to your advantage, because….

It makes me want to do a giveaway!


That’s right! Three lucky people will win a stamp set of their choice.

Contest ends midnight on Thursday, winner drawn Friday.
Here’s how you can have more chances to win!

(U.S. residents only please.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Escape To The Ocean

March 9th, 2015|layle koncar, pages|

It seems like a lot of people I know have or are doing this lately. What makes the ocean so magical? It must be the relaxing and mesmerizing sound of the waves. Couldn’t you just sit there all day basking in the sun as the waves roll along?

mmmm…I think I could use a bit of that right now. We’re headed to a beach wedding soon. Kind of looking forward to do doing a whole lotta nuttin’.

Our Miss Layle recently went to Hawaii. Kauai is on my ‘I gotta do this again’ list…sometime soon, I hope. I tell ya, there was nothing more enjoyable  than driving a convertible Mustang along the coast there in Kauai and literally going to the end of the road.  Finding a beach along that road and just enjoying the beauty and the sound of the ocean…and Dan trying to learn how to surf. ;)

So in the meantime, I’m gonna live vicariously through her trip here. Take a look….can you hear the waves? The Hawaiian music playing on the radio? I can.

Escape to the Ocean
Escape to the Ocean - close up

[ Design | Escape To The Ocean ]

The block layout of photos just adds to the contentment of the subject. Simplicity at its best. And the ‘sandy’ rainbow title? Divine.

Here’s a few words from Layle:

I’ve used Kerri’s script words on more layouts than I can count.  And I always, ALWAYS cut the words out of black card stock.  Ok, once I did it out of an ombre patterned paper, but I didn’t love it.  It’s hard to step out of my comfort zone!  But I knew I wanted the black and white stripe paper at the top and bottom of the layout to ground the photos, and black words would have been too much.  So this time I cut the words out of 4 different colors of paper.  Although I miss the black, I kinda like the way it turned out.  To add a little ‘umph’ to the letters, I applied Platinum Stickles to the top – gives it a little added sparkle and it kinda looks like sand, fitting for the title and photos.

Now I think I’ll be off to find my own bit of ocean. ;)

Stamps Are Back To Order!

March 5th, 2015|stamps|



Just popping in real quick to let you know that ALL stamps are available for purchase once again. They will begin shipping the latter half of next week.

They went super fast the first time….as many of you know ;)
So you might not want to wait to get yours this time.

Now I gotta go finish getting ready for the tax man.

Taxes, oh how I detest thee. 

Hello There Snowflakes

March 4th, 2015|nichol magouirk, pages|

Okay, so a funny thing happened over the past couple days. In church they asked us to pray for moisture because we haven’t had any serious snow since Christmas. Maybe just a few flurries and some rain from time to time. February was very spring like.

So yesterday it was quite a surprise to get blizzard like conditions–thaaaat lasted for maybe 15 minutes. I guess not enough people prayed so we only got 15 minutes’ worth. ;) Dan mentioned he was quite disappointed that he couldn’t get a snow shovel out. It looked so promising too.

Oh well. Instead we’ll make the snow last last via paper…a little somethin’ somethin’ from Miss Nichol using the new KBS stamps too! Woo hoo!!!


[ Designs | Lovely Little Words (word strips) / This & That Winter (bundle up, snowflakes, snowflakes) / Here Comes Santa Claus (snowflake) / December Additions: The Extras (snowflake) / Letters To Santa (snowflake) / Snowflake Etc. (snowflake) / Santa’s Workshop (snowflake, circle snowflake tags, tag) / Happy Stuff (hello there). Stamps | One Fine Day (happiness, I love everything about this / Time (currently) ]

Wowza! That page has ‘fluffy white stuff’ all over it! I love all the words strips. And I love how Nichol intermixed the  stamps–especially the embossed ‘Currently’ and ‘I love…’ as well as how she used ‘Happiness’ to set her journaling. And all those snowflakes? Wow!

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

I wanted to create a page that depicted the feeling of winter for this photo of my son “helping” his grandpa shovel snow several years ago. I kept the color scheme to blue + silver + white + gray/black and purposely created a a quadrant-style layout with the larger photo in the bottom left quadrant, the grouping of four snowflake embellished tags in the lower right quadrant and  the title and journaling in the upper right quadrant. The scattering of snowflakes fills the upper left of the design. I love combining Kerri’s titles to make a custom title for my layouts. The mix of fonts adds a fun touch. I printed my journaling on the 12×12 patterned paper and adhered the title below it. Kerri’s new print & cut Lovely Little Words add a great finishing touch throughout the page.

This makes up for the fluffy white stuff we didn’t really get yesterday. :)