Escape To The Ocean

It seems like a lot of people I know have or are doing this lately. What makes the ocean so magical? It must be the relaxing and mesmerizing sound of the waves. Couldn’t you just sit there all day basking in the sun as the waves roll along?

mmmm…I think I could use a bit of that right now. We’re headed to a beach wedding soon. Kind of looking forward to do doing a whole lotta nuttin’.

Our Miss Layle recently went to Hawaii. Kauai is on my ‘I gotta do this again’ list…sometime soon, I hope. I tell ya, there was nothing more enjoyable  than driving a convertible Mustang along the coast there in Kauai and literally going to the end of the road.  Finding a beach along that road and just enjoying the beauty and the sound of the ocean…and Dan trying to learn how to surf. ;)

So in the meantime, I’m gonna live vicariously through her trip here. Take a look….can you hear the waves? The Hawaiian music playing on the radio? I can.

Escape to the Ocean
Escape to the Ocean - close up

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The block layout of photos just adds to the contentment of the subject. Simplicity at its best. And the ‘sandy’ rainbow title? Divine.

Here’s a few words from Layle:

I’ve used Kerri’s script words on more layouts than I can count.  And I always, ALWAYS cut the words out of black card stock.  Ok, once I did it out of an ombre patterned paper, but I didn’t love it.  It’s hard to step out of my comfort zone!  But I knew I wanted the black and white stripe paper at the top and bottom of the layout to ground the photos, and black words would have been too much.  So this time I cut the words out of 4 different colors of paper.  Although I miss the black, I kinda like the way it turned out.  To add a little ‘umph’ to the letters, I applied Platinum Stickles to the top – gives it a little added sparkle and it kinda looks like sand, fitting for the title and photos.

Now I think I’ll be off to find my own bit of ocean. ;)

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  1. Melanie A. March 9, 2015 at 9:52 am

    love this!! I love that she shows me that I don’t have to have all beachy accessories to my page either. (the feather) I too loved driving convertible on Kaui and we have a return trip to Hawaii on our dream bucket list. I think the ocean just heals the soul. I love the mountains too but there I just something peaceful about a good beach and an ocean view.

  2. yvette March 9, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    love it! Where is the “I am” card from?

    • Layle March 9, 2015 at 1:30 pm

      Yvette – it’s from the I AM collection by Simple Stories

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