For my grand road trip journey, I purchased a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I’d been eyeing them for a few months in anticipation of the trip–wanting a fun recording system, ya know.

I loved the idea of the blank pages for a very clean look, but knowing me, I would be bothered by the fact that I didn’t write straight or evenly. Then the ol’ Silhouette lightbulb went off. I could make my own journaling template in the size I needed and spacing that suited me–or suited a different mood of me.

That’s how this fun little freebie came to light!


To download–forever free–click HERE.


It comes in three different line widths: small, medium and large. You could modify it easily to include more, less, wider, narrower…whatever suits your needs. I’ve been using the medium. Gives me several lines, but my text isn’t squishy.

The lines are cut narrowly so it fits the tip of a pencil just loverly.



And your page looks like you have a great eye. :)


And on another note.

Being on the road, to me, means appreciating every moment of where I am. And this beautiful sunrise we encountered after leaving Albuquerque is no exception. Beauty at its finest. I took this with my dSLR out the front window while hubby was driving down the freeway. It may not be the sharpest photo because of that, but it doesn’t matter. It captured the moment of what we enjoyed…for a long time.

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