I admit it. My small project of 6×8 Christmas pages is still unfinished. It’s not like it will require me to do a ton of work. But as with many of my projects, I start something and take forever to complete them.

I think that’s why I’m like ‘Go Laura’ for getting all these Christmas pages done.

Oh how I envy her drive to take on this task.

Let’s take a look.


[ Designs | Merry Everything (Under The Tree, Christmas Morning), Storyboard #2 (photo template), Life Additions: Backgrounds (circle background)

What  a quick and easy way to crank through some Christmas photos!
Aaaand a teensy bit jealous that she’s done. ;)

Here’s a few words from Laura:

Back in November of last year I decided to tackle years and years worth of Christmas photos, all of which I have never taken the time to scrapbook. I can’t really explain it, but Christmas is my least favorite topic/theme to scrap. I avoid it at all costs, even though it’s one time of year that I’m guaranteed to have lots of photos. I came up with a plan to scrap years worth of Christmases, quickly and easily. Kerri’s Storyboard Templates were crucial to my plan (which I blogged about HERE.  It only took me a few days to compile 6 years worth of photos, which included 6 family get-togethers and 3 Christmas morning’s with the girls. I created 16 photo collages, which included a total of 143 photos. And from those, I will end up with 6 two page layouts and 3 single page layouts. So far, I’ve created 4 of those two page layouts, and 2 of those single page layouts.

Because I really don’t enjoy scrapping Christmas, I knew I would keep these layouts simple and even a bit on the plain side. Most of them are very photo heavy, as I really wanted to get as many photos on the page as I could. So far, I’ve only adding journaling to one of the six layouts I’ve completed, and I’m totally ok with that. Most Christmases are pretty much the same for my family, so if I were to journal, it would pretty much say the same thing year after year. At one point, I started to worry a bit, as a few layouts started to look too much alike. But then I remembered what I had in mind when I started this project. My whole goal was to just get-them-done and not stress over them.

If there’s a topic/theme/event that you avoid scrapping, or just don’t enjoy scrapping, I still think it’s important to get those memories into your albums one way or another. For me, this was a way to tackle something I don’t necessarily enjoy scrapping, in a very easy and do-able way.

Okay…143 photos??? Wow!
Like I said before, Go Laura!