Pocket Page Is All The Rage + Then Some.


Pocket page scrapbooking seems to be all the rage these days, doesn’t it? I think we have Becky Higgins and Project Life to thank for that. :) Simplicity at its best, yes? I think it’s helped so many people be creative without having to go to the extent of being creative. Know what I mean, Vern?

But the other plus side to all the pocket page goodness out there is that you’re not limited to using them in a pocket–you can use them on a page too.

I love flexibility. I love choices. I love maximizing supplies and my art.


a lot.

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And now let’s see how Miss Maggie has maximized her supplies by using the Foldover, which can be used in a page pocket, as a large flip-up accent on her page.



[ Designs | The Foldover.  Stamps | Wanderlust (GO, circle, star + arrow) / Travelogue (Here’s the story.) ]

What I totally dig about this layout is the use of the circle and the star. I know, it sounds like such simple thing, but when you don’t even think of using an item some way and then see it used in such a creative way…it has a tendency to kind of knock your socks off. It’s the icing on top.


i love this page.

Here’s some words from Maggie.

National Scrapbook Day is one of my very favorite days of the year. Not only are there so many fun challenges and virtual crops all over the web that weekend, but there is also a TON of inspiration available all weekend long from EVERYWHERE. It’s one day I find I’m on the computer and IG for a good part of the day…just bookmarking and screen-shotting (shooting?) so I can come back to the things I’m inspired by later.

The last few years, on NSD, I’ve tried to really refocus and remind myself exactly WHY I scrapbook. Sure…I love the paper and embellishments (and by “love” I mean hoard, smell, touch & obsess over), and yes, I love taking photos and having a creative outlet…but my reasons for documenting run deeper than those things.

I document my life and the lives of my family members because it’s important. It’s important that my kids (and their kids) know where they came from…how we lived…what we did and what we loved…how we felt and why. It’s important that we remember…

So, to me, journaling on layouts is necessary. Sometimes I just include the place and date the photo was taken…but most of the time, I want to include the story behind the photo as well. There is, however, not always enough room for all my words once I’ve created my page…and this is where hidden journaling comes in.

There are a bunch of ways to hide your journaling (including just writing on the back of your page…something I do a LOT), but one of my favorites is to include it under a flap.

Kerri has made this soooooo easy for me by creating the coolest cut file…The Foldover. For this page, I cut The Foldover file from some patterned paper and added my main photo directly on top.

I added another photo inside The Foldover and included my journaling just under the flap. When the flap is closed you see just the photo and embellishments…but there is a whole memory documented right inside.

This is a great way to journal more private memories, too. You’ve still included your thoughts and recollections…but they’re not out there for the whole world to see.

For this page I added a few of Kerri’s brand new stamps, too. These little guys are honestly the coolest…here I’ve used a couple from both the Travelogue and Wanderlust sets. The tiny little dot and star stamps from the Wanderlust set are the BEST…and they are the perfect addition to any layout. The best part about Kerri’s stamps? They come in a digital version as well, so you can add them directly to your photos! What??? I know! Amazing!

Thank you so much, Kerri, for allowing me to share my thoughts on scrapbooking & documenting! I hope you guys are inspired to record some memories this NSD…

Thank you
, Miss Maggie. Your talent constantly amazes me!

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  1. Dolly April 28, 2015 at 7:37 am

    GREAT LO!!!
    I am so ready to get scrappy!
    Is there a mojo potion for NSD? I’m going to need it!

  2. Audrey V April 28, 2015 at 9:27 am

    Ok, my kids used to always say “you know what I mean, Vern?” LOL What is the source of this saying, is it a movie? Must know!

    • Kerri April 28, 2015 at 10:40 am

      Jim Varney as Ernest. He did movies, but he also used to do Meadow Gold ice cream (dairy) commercials here in Utah. That’s what I remember him most from. :)

  3. Kathryn April 28, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    Beautiful page and design. Love the stamp use! Could I please have that awesome handwriting? I could look at that all day!

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