Folks, it is a fun-filled day here at KBS on this, the day before (inter)National Scrapbook Day! So much to do and see….it’s just too exciting!

First on the agenda would be the first ever Stamp sale!

Buy 2 or more physical stamp sets and save 10%. Use code NSDSTAMP at checkout.

(Still only US shipping…so sorry ’bout that. Working on it…truly.)

Which comes in mighty handy on this first day of May…wheeeennn…new stamps are in the house! We have Oh Yeah, Maxwell, and Maxwell Outline.

oh-yeah-individual    maxwell-individual    maxwell-outline-individual

I am so excited about these new stamps! As per usual, you can mix and match these with other KBS stamp sets. Here’s how awesome the Maxwell stamps work with the Kramer stamps from last month!


And then here are some fabulous combos using just the Oh Yeah set. Which, by the way, is named because pretty much all the verbiage on here you can say oh yeah to. :)


I love me some words and alphas…if’n ya couldn’t tell. ;)

Now let’s move on to another fun treat. Here’s some gorgeousness from Miss Layle, who is using stamps from previous releases (in digital form). AWEsoooome!

Wonderful in Every Way
Wonderful in Every Way close up2
Wonderful in Every Way close up1

[ Designs | Heart Backgrounds. Digital Stamps | One Fine Day (I love…, Wonderful, + Today)


tiny details all over the place.

love how she set patterned paper into the hearts.


Let’s hear what Layle has to say:

I’ve been wanting to play around with a large die cut background for a while and thought Kerri’s heart background would be a fun one to play with! I wanted my hearts to be a bit larger, so I increased the scale to 150% After I cut the design, I used tiny scissors to cut away some of the hearts so I’d have full hearts all the way around. I then used one of the insides of the hearts for a template and cut hearts out of patterned paper. I used a 6×6 pad for the papers – that way I didn’t waste a full sheet of 12×12 paper and the pattern was scaled to size. In a few cases I used the white heart that was cut out from the background to ‘fill’ the die cut hearts; using pop dots to adhere them makes them stand out.

I created the little ‘stamped’ word strips using the One Fine Day Digital Stamps. I changed the size to fit what I needed, printed them out, and voila! That’s one of the things I love about using digital ‘stamps’ – you can manipulate them to whatever size (and color!) you need :)

Such a lovely page Layle!

And now let’s do another great giveaway!

We’re giving away a stamp set of your choice to three lucky people!

If you’re outside the U.S., it will be the digital version. That way everyone can play. :) And the more you do in this list, the more chances you have to win….just sayin’. ;)

Good luck to all!

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