(i)NSD Is Finally Here + Classes On Sale


Wow! This week has blown by and we have finally arrived at (inter)National Scrapbook Day! It has been a glorious week here with so much inspiration from so many talented girls.

So now, one last grand hurrah…a little freebie to print and put on a page or in a pocket.




A little bit ago I was ‘listening’ to Night At The Museum 2 on tv while I was working–one of my favorite movies. ‘Are we going to the opera? I don’t think so.’ 

At one point, Amy Adams (aka, Amelia Earhart) says to Ben Stiller (aka, Larry Daley).

‘I don’t want to miss a moment.’

It was a phrase that stuck out to me as if she’d shouted it right in my ear.

Shouldn’t we all live our lives as if we never wanted to miss a moment? Living it to the fullest and enjoying every little thing?

I knew I needed to make something with it.

So have fun this card and keep it as a little motto for yourself…

never miss a moment.

And enjoy the heck out of this weekend!

One more thing, today is the last day of our sale extravaganza that’s been happening all this week!

Buy any class and save 20% (excluding Custom Made). Use code NSDCLASS at checkout.

You can check out all the classes HERE.

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  1. Sally May 2, 2015 at 10:51 am

    Thanks Kerri!

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