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Several years ago I made a travel book using a Moleskine notebook. I made specialty pages and file folder pages from the pages in the book…all by hand.

Flash forward to present day.

Little Miss Layle asked if I would do her a solid and make a few planner things for her, including divider pages that could be also be used as dashboards.

Knowing how awkward it was to cut one from the paper inside the notebook itself, I was more than happy to oblige…especially since I had plans to do the same thing in my current travel notebook and adhere them with washi tape. Gotta love these days of washi tape, right?

Today I have two brand new kits for all you planner fans.

planner-6x8     planner-TN

These two work in 6×8 albums and the Travelers Notebooks (4.25 x 8.25). Of course there are more configurations coming soon. Hello? A5? Oh yeah.

These dividers will work great as a divider or a dashboard. And not only are there several configurations, but each set comes with a fold-over tab that goes with it, so you can use it plain or use it as a Print+Cut, like I’ve done here.


P.S. I left the pencil lines on there so you could see how awesome it is to use the free template pictured on the right to draw yourself some lines on your blank pages.

Oh boy. So much fun to be had with these guys. And more fun stuff a-comin’, including some tips and tricks on how to use them. So stay tuned for all that!

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  1. Alison June 9, 2015 at 10:07 am

    These are fabulous. Do you plan to make any to fit a Filofax Personal?

    • Kerri June 9, 2015 at 10:08 am

      Ohhhh yeah…definitely. :)

  2. Janice April 20, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    I just bought the planner pockets and dividers – i love them!! thank you for offering those in your store…one question/request…I was hoping I could do double pockets like fold in the middle to get the pockets on each side, so my question – is there a way to copy/paste the folders into one file and somehow group or merge so the middle seam doesnt cut but rather score’s? not sure how that reads…thanks again!

    • Kerri April 21, 2016 at 9:23 am

      Well, you could, but you’d need a longer paper than 12″ because they are too big to do that on your Silhouette for a TN size. One thing to do would be to use some binding or washi tape to connect two halves together. Another option would be to add (weld) a half inch (or 3/4″) rectangle to the side of one of the folders and use that as your binding to wrap to another folder. Or you could even just move the points on the one side out a little rather than weld a rectangle to it. You could copy the one set of score lines to the left side and use that not only as a score line but as a reference for when moving the points or adding a rectangle.

      Lots of different options…just probably not the one you were after. :)

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