Announcing The All-New Designer Edition Class


It’s an exciting day here at KBS!

There’s a brand new Designer Edition class using Studio version 3.

Can I get a yahoo!!

This class is all about learning the great fun found in the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio. There are so many creative golden nuggets in DE. You will be amazed at what you can do!

So, I know y’all are gonna ask:

‘I took Designer Edition: One. Do I need to take this class?’

Well, perhaps this might assist you with your decision:

  1. It’s all filmed in version 3. That means we’ll be utilizing the new features and tips+tricks that are available in the Designer Edition. While many features are still the same between v2 and v3, there are some fun new things in v3. So it may be a good refresher course along with learning some really great tips.
  2. New projects are definitely in store.
  3. It has all new freebies, which is a $10 value in and of itself.
  4. Purchase by Sunday, July 5, you can get the all-new Background Basics #3 kit for free!
  5. Purchase by the class date of August 17 and you save $5, making the class price just $21.
  6. All the fun features are just gonna knock your socks off. :)

So in case you just breezed through the list, if you sign up by July 5, you get the brand new Background Basics #3 kit for free!


So what does that all mean for your decision-making moment?
One word: savings.

Sign up by the class date of August 17 and save $5.
Sign up by Sunday and get a kit for free, saving $3.59.
All new freebies, which means $10 worth of stuff.

Subtract all that from the cost of the class?
That makes it just $11.00.


I am so excited to take you on this new adventure!
Class starts August 17, so I’ll see you in the classroom then.

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  1. Sue Kimmet July 5, 2015 at 9:21 am

    I so wish this were happening now! I am a teacher whose school starts back up on the 17th! Will this be recorded for later on? (I can’t imagine I will have any free time before Christmas vacation.

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