This week it’s all about celebrating two amazing countries: America and Canada. Not only do we live by each other, but we celebrate many of our holidays close to each other, including the celebrations of our countries. That’s kind of convenient, eh?

I have a little Canadian friend that goes to a lake in the US where a lot of Canadians go to vacation. I hear it’s one big party and fireworks abound all week between the July 1 and July 4 holidays. Sorry we missed it, my friend!

So in honor of all the fun stuff going on, here’s a little 3×4 freebie for ya.



I hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

(The Friday Freebie Summer occurs between Memorial Day + Labor Day where each Friday  at KBS there is a brand new free design to share. For more great freebies of this summer and years past, be sure to check out the Freebies section.)