Today we have a treat that’s gonna last you all year long.
It’s a brand new kit called Seasonably Said.
And it’s on sale this week for our Christmas in July!


This little ensemble of seven handwritten goodies came together because I wanted a set of fabulous phrases that I could swap in and out of a frame in different seasons throughout the entire year as a home decor piece.

And I have to add here, that I’ve included four of my favorite words ever:
inhale love, exhale gratitude.

No four words have ever expressed more eloquently how I feel and act each and every day over even the littlest things. I literally inhale that love for say ‘the mountains’ that I never take for granted as I’m driving down the road to my house and exhale my gratitude for their beauty, their adventure, and for where I live. It’s truly a physical act and so those words couldn’t be any more perfect for me.


So for this kit I loved the idea of using my Minc to make personal prints as well as using gold vinyl on a transparency in a float frame.

Take a peek.


This is a perfect gift to give for
Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day…you name it!

Here’s what you need:

I found two different styles of  6×8 float frames. The white one came from Target, but as with my luck, I always seem to find the one thing that’s on its way to being discontinued. I tried finding it online and found numbers that matched, but it did not look like this one nor did the description match it.

So I found THIS black frame at Michaels as well.
It is 6×8 in size, but not shown online.
And it’s buy one get one free this week too!

A float frame generally has two pieces of glass held together by the frame itself so you can place a photo–or transparency with vinyl–sandwiched inside to give the appearance that your item is ‘floating.’

The next item I purchased were THESE transparencies. I’d always seen transparencies that were really expensive in the office supply stores locally and was pleasantly surprised to find these–a pack of 100 for $15+. Sweet! I haven’t tried printing on them, although I did read that some people still used their inkjet printer on them and let them dry a while. I mostly wanted to be able to use them with vinyl for overlays and home dec type stuff, so for the price…it made me quite happy.

So the plus side to using 6×8 or 5×7 frame is that you can get two phrases on one transparency. Let’s make our gifts economical, right? You trim off a half inch of the width–to make it 8″ wide–and then cut the transparency in half–to make it 5.5″ wide. While you might see a little gap if you’re looking at it close up, you won’t see it when it’s sitting on display. No need to waste, right?

I’ve used two different types of vinyl. The one I use most of the time is the Silhouette brand. I usually watch for sales and stock up on what I need. I’ve also purchased Oracal 651 vinyl from  And they have excellent customer service too! There was a mistake on my order and it was corrected immediately. Love that. Both brands are pretty comparable.

I chose to use gold, but of course you could use any color that went with your space.

You’ll also want transfer tape to take it from the vinyl backing and put it onto the transparency. The end result will look something like this.


Another wonderful addition to this yearly ensemble would be the America or Canada words.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of vinyl, stay tuned this week as I’ll be sharing a video on using vinyl, from start to finish. :)

And now, I have them all cut and adhered to the transparencies and I’ll place them in a file folder to keep them safe all year long.


(It’s not easy photographing gold vinyl and transparencies. :) )

Did you know that you don’t need a mat to cut vinyl? Anything sticky-backed does not need a mat as long as you’re not cutting all the way through it. I cut my vinyl this way about 95% of the time.

There are times when I’ll use a tiny scrap and put it on a mat. And the other day I had to cut a bunch of these types of words for a church function. I noticed with all the intricacies of the foo-foo writing that sometimes edges would get caught and peel up a little. Sometimes it wasn’t a problem and sometimes it was. I had to keep an eye on it. After the third one I decided to put it on a mat to check the difference…and it made a difference. I could leave it unattended and not worry about edges catching. I think because I was cutting so many swirly-twirlies and the vinyl is delicate-ish and bows if it’s not flat or on a mat, so it didn’t work quite as well.

But really, I seldom use a mat and it works great.

Ahhhh, the Minc! I have myself a Heidi Swap Minc and I love it! I send my artwork in PDF form to my local copy center and have them run it off on cardstock using the richest toner possible. Then I bring it home and work the shiny magic.



So here’s how I plan to use my phrases throughout the year. Of course it’ll be a little different if you’re on the other side of the world, like all my Aussie friends. But you’ll get the idea. :)

All You Need Is Love: January-February
What A Wonderful World: March-May
Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime: June + August
America: July
Get Cozy: September (or January)
Something Wicked: October
Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude: November
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: December

But I love the Inhale Love… words so much–especially foiled with my Minc–that I might just have to find a place for that permanently. :)

So there ya go. A simple and beautiful gift that you can get done now and have all ready for your family and friends. Ahead of the game folks. That’s what Christmas In July is for!

love that.