All About Family

I think that there were probably a few of you that may have had a family reunion this summer, right? Did you take a ton of photos? It's always especially fun when you get the cousins together and take a photo from year to year and see how much they grow and change. I'm constantly amazed every year at all the littles that just grow and grow. Our Miss Laura had a recent family gathering. Cousins picture? check. [ Designs | Background Basics #3 (plus sign background) / All In The Family (cousins) / Giving Thanks (grateful) / Weathered Door Alpha [...]

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Friday Freebie | The Unexpected Moment

I think that one of my most favorite things is an unexpected moment. Something that surprises you. Something that makes you happy. Something that makes you go wow. And that's why this needed to be done. It's just a plain black-text PNG file that you can take into Photoshop, change the color, and print as needed. (For a video on how to do this, click HERE.) This is the last Friday Freebie for the summer. Can you believe it's over??? And speaking of things being 'over', there's only a couple more days to sign up for The History Project before registration is [...]

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Plan, Plan, Plan!

It seems like everywhere you turn, there is some sort of awesomeness in the Planner world. I guess everyone wants to get organized in creative fashion, eh? Well, speaking of creative fashion and awesomeness, here's some great planner ideas from our Miss Layle. It is truly fabulous. Take it away Layle! Back in June I used the Travelers Notebook Dividers in this post to customize my Travelers Notebook and loved them so much that I wanted to create custom dividers for my Simple Stories 6x8 Life Documented Planner that I use for work. I used the 6x8 Dividers cut file to create 4 dividers with side tabs [...]

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The History Project Starts Today

If this was a family history photo in your world, what would you want to know about it? What would you want to know about this young newlywed  couple? Don’t leave your family wanting to know more about you. The History Project can help with that. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to get your youthful stories written. This class not only helps you recall memories, but there are many writing tips and exercises we go through. I am not an English major, but there are ways of sharing a story that help your reader be a part of your experience. Here’s [...]

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Friday Freebie | Naturally

I've had this word in my head. I don't know if it's because of the time of year or the sarcastic life I lead, but it was screaming to be done. Use it on an outdoors page, for a meal of fresh produce, or when you're just feeling cheeky. Speaking of fresh produce...I had to put it to use on this photo. :) And don't forget...The History Project starts Monday!

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The History Project Is Almost Here!

Meet my great grandpa. Isn't he just the cutest? Wouldn't you love to know more about him? The picture probably lends itself to be asked... Did he love fishing? Was he a happy soul? Did he love the outdoors?  The answers? Yes. But what about the rest of his story? What did he do daily? What was life like in 1920? I can tell you right now, I know those answers because he kept a record. Tiny little brown journals where he recorded the weather and little lines of what he did each day as a farmer in Idaho. When we came [...]

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Friday Freebie | Love Is Why We Are Here

I saw this written somewhere and thought this was quite appropriate for the week. I just want to say thank you to everyone for all your wonderful support this week! You are truly amazing! I also thought I'd just clarify that business is doing very well in all aspects--stamps, classes, everything. It was just one of those other Avenues in Business City that was being ventured down and it apparently got shut down due to circumstances beyond one’s control. So no need to worry, I'm not going anywhere. And can you believe the time is almost here! The Designer Edition class starts Monday. [...]

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Struggles + Sweetness + Amsterdam

For the past week I've been having some struggles on the business side of life. Something that is out of my control. It's something that's been eating at me, but last night I think it finally got to me. I went to bed feeling so much anger + frustration and then of course woke up with the same anger + frustration. These kinds of feelings are not normal for me. I'm usually a very easy-going, go-with-the-flow kind of gal. I usually have the attitude of 'it is what it is' as well as 'there's a reason for everything.' But I [...]

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Silhouette Designer Edition | Just One Week Away!

What do these two cards have in common besides the fact that they were pretty much made in two minutes from design to print? They were both made using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. "But how?" you say? well.... ...class starts in just one week!

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Friday Freebie | Hello Little Tree

This week is our girls camp where my besties, Kristy Banks and Lisa Bearnson head up to the mountains with our daughters and talk and play games and make stuff and just have a good ol' time. And this year, we get to listen to this the whole day. So is it any wonder why this needed to be the freebie for today? And you know how I love to see what my little machine can do. One is just under a half inch and one is just over a quarter inch. Pretty sweet, right? Cut with American Crafts cardstock, [...]

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