KBS may not be shipping internationally just yet, but this is your chance–if you live outside the US–to get your hands on a KBS stamp set now, because we’re doing another social media blitz giveaway!

We’re giving away a stamp set of your choice to
one person in the US and one person anywhere else!

…here on the blog…

…on Instagram

…and Facebook!

To be entered here, like and share this post on Facebook,

then leave a comment with your name and where you are from here on the blog. 
Winners will be announced on Friday.

And don’t forget, today is the last day of the sale, and the last day of the sale on the brand new August stamps. So be sure to pick up your goodies today.

Speaking of the ‘the  last day’, here is our last one-day only freebie.
Have you seen a little theme goin’ on here?


This is no longer available as a freebie, but you can find it in the store soon.

And now I just want to end with saying just how grateful I am for all of you coming to the KBS birthday party…and for being here all these years. I loved the one gal that said something like, ‘I’ve known you since you were just a couple days old.’

That’s some good stuff right there. I hope to still ‘know’ all of you when I’m old and grey. (Or wait, I’m almost 49 and secretly I’m grey, I just don’t show it. shh…)

Thank you so much for an amazing five years…and here’s to (at least) five more!