The New York Double-Take

As you may (or may not) know, I'm in NYC right now with Kass for a little grad trip. I've taken photos a-plenty, and if you've been following me on social media, you will have seen them, including this one I took yesterday and posted while eating our delicious pizza at Julianna's in Brooklyn:   Within about 10 minutes, Zach tags me in NatGeoTravel's photo that appeared in his Instagram feed right after my photo.     Seriously!  What are the odds?!!!

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Fall Flash Sale – Thursday and Friday ONLY

You know what happens when the stars align, fall starts and I feel like I'm neglecting my blog and store? You get this! [ Excludes physical stamps, gift cards and the newest classes Said+Done and Designer Edition. No code needed. Prices reflected in store. ] Now is the time to stock up on some goodies, especially some fall goodies. Check out some previous Halloween-style posts HERE for some fun ideas!

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London, Baby!

There seems to be a travel theme going on here this week. No, I'm not gong to London. (I soooo wish I was!) And I have to say, any time I hear London, it needs to be said in the Joey from Friends way, when he says London, baby! And I have to say, this page from Layle? Love it, baby! Here's Layle to tell you all about it. Back in May my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  I had to go to London for work during that time - or should I say I had the opportunity to [...]

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I’m back…kind of.

Wow. Our little family just had an amazing trip to Chicago this past week. Ate great food. Saw many a-fabulous thing. Walked 35 miles (say what?). Lots of laughs. Lots of tired. Just wanna hang out in bed all day...but that could be in part due to the fact that I started coming down with some kind of cold our last night there. Maybe I shouldn't have been walking in the rain--or maybe I should have at least brought my umbrella. Woke up this morning and enjoyed a nice simple bowl of Rice Chex. Funny how that can taste so good. But [...]

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Send A Card To Brighten The Day

In this world of ever-increasing technology, the art of sending letters seems to have gotten lost. That being said, I've seen a resurgence of people sending pretty cards and letters and pocket letters. How delightful! So the next time you need to tell someone something--whether they live 'round the corner or 'round the world, try sending them something that will brighten their day, like these lovely cards that Miss Laura has made! gorgeous. love. Take it away Laura! I recently cleaned out a bunch of my handmade cards, and randomly sent a bunch of them off to friends and family. [...]

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New Class: Said+Done

I can't tell you just how excited I am to bring you the brand new class, Said+Done. I've had this on my 'to-do' list for quite some time and many of you have requested it as well. And's here. Words are my life. There’s nothing I love more on a page than words or numbers. They provide the perfect accent, plus, most of the time they are informative while looking lovely sitting there with your photos. I’m constantly listening for nice words or phrases. That part of my brain never seems to shut off. I love finding nice fonts. [...]

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September 1? Must Mean New Stamps Are About!

I can hardly believe we're in September now. Summer seriously flew by. I think I missed it. But with each shiny new month, comes fabulous new stamps. And here they are!                         Decisions Decisions and Ashland are available for PRE-ORDER now! (shipping begins mid-September) But also, I think I'm starting a new trend here today because I'm feeling saucy. The first two days of a stamp's release...they'll be on sale for 10% off. So now is a great time to pick them up. And be sure to watch the first [...]

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