I can’t tell you just how excited I am to bring you the brand new class, Said+Done. I’ve had this on my ‘to-do’ list for quite some time and many of you have requested it as well. And now…it’s here.

Words are my life.

There’s nothing I love more on a page than words or numbers. They provide the perfect accent, plus, most of the time they are informative while looking lovely sitting there with your photos. I’m constantly listening for nice words or phrases. That part of my brain never seems to shut off.

I love finding nice fonts.

I love clean typography.

I love great words+phrases.

Put them all together? It makes for one awesome class.

And the beauty of this class is that you DO NOT NEED A CUTTER to take the class.

So you know what that means?

No matter who you are or what you use, you can use the FREE Silhouette Studio software and make ten amazing prints in this class!

This is the first of its kind here, folks. It’s all about taking advantage of the power of Studio and using it to create beautiful typographic designs to print big or small or anything in between.

While it’s designed with ‘Intermediates’ in mind, if you’ve never used Studio, you will still be able to follow along. Not to mention, this will be your chance to see if Studio and the Silhouette is right for you. Because for me, Silhouette + Studio = Complete Freedom.

This class will also have tips and tricks a-plenty! You can’t believe what you can make with free fonts. And I share a boat load of my favorite fresh fonts as well.

When all is Said+Done, you’ll not only be walking away with ten beautiful prints, but you’ll have the skills and the know-how to craft your way with your own creative phrases. You’ll be the talk of the town for sure!

Registration is open now and class starts October 19.
Save 20% off the class if you enroll by the class start date.

Plus, if you enroll by Sunday, September 13, you’ll get the ‘not-released-yet’, brand new Thankful digital brush+stamp set. You can’t even see them all yet since they haven’t been released yet, but here’s a peek. However, if you sign up for the class, the whole 18 brush + digital stamp is yours (a $4.50 value)…and you get it before everyone else on October 1. :)

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share all these type of ideas. (You know it had to be said, right?) Seriously though, my daughter can tell you that I’ve just been bouncing off the walls with the excitement about this class.

It’s gonna be just the type of class you’re looking for. ;)