Yay! It’s The Weekend!

I love a good weekend, don't you? :) Comes in three digital backgrounds and a single-word cut file (+PNG). Have a wonderful weekend y'all! And don't forget, a brand new stamp set makes its appearance on Sunday, November 1...and you save 10% the first two days. Don't miss it!

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Are You Kidding Me?

A couple months ago I purchased a lovely stack ring set (the left set) on Etsy. My favorite combo is the simplicity of the two smaller stacked rings. But during our trip to Chicago last month, one of the stones fell out and I was so sad. I emailed the person I purchased them from and asked if it could be replaced or repaired. She quickly responded that she would send me a replacement stone and that I could repair it myself with some clear nail polish. Say what??? Within about a week I received a little box with a few [...]

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Wanderlust: The Print

When I was designing prints for the new Said+Done class, I felt compelled to do what made me inspired. What made me happy. For me? That's traveling. Seeing the world. Seeing our country. All my life I've looked at maps and daydreamed of far-off lands. So for the class, we use several vintage map overlays (adapted and available just for this class) to make this particular print. But whilst in my creative mode, I also came up with another idea. One that needed...excuse me...had to be available in the store as well. And that would be this: There are four color [...]

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Halloween Angel

So the question of the day is: How many times has your child changed their mind on what they are going to be for Halloween? It's always such a dilemma, is it not? Well, whether you child is a little angel or acting like a little devil, this sweet page by Laura is a grand idea to capture those memories! [ Designs | October Thirty-One (Halloween) / Oh Baby (angel) / Thank My Lucky Stars (stars). I love how Laura used the hand drawn stars in solid gold fashion here. And the color combinations...divine (no pun intended).   Here's what Laura [...]

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Class Starts Just One Week From Today!

I cannot even begin to say how excited I am about this Said+Done class! I've had so many ideas in my head and it's been hard to keep it narrowed down to ten. I believe I have more that needs to be 'said and done', but it'll just have to wait for another class.  ;) I love fonts and I love text and so this is the class that is so me. And it is so all of you too! Not just Silhouette fans, but anyone can take this class and use the free Studio program. It's all about using this very powerful program [...]

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Riding NYC Subways

[ Art by Frank Viva ] When we were riding the NYC subways, I saw some art mounted on the wall of the train that just made me happy. Not exactly sure what struck me about it...maybe it was just the right style for an NYC image, but I just loved this print. I found the subways fascinating. I mean, I've ridden subways many times and in different states and countries, but this was the first time I rode them a lot in one city. I did a lot of people watching...wondering what their lives were like in the city. [...]

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I Read A Book

That’s all I could keep saying in my head yesterday evening.  I read a book. Being a Robert Langdon character fan (with Tom Hanks in my head), I’d been wanting to read Inferno for quite some time. I’d borrowed a hardback copy from my mother-in-law two years ago.  Two years ago. I took it with me on a trip with hubby to Sun Valley and never cracked it open. It sat in my bedroom--and still sits--this whole time. I had great intentions of reading it. I even finally downloaded the Kindle app to my iPad so I could take books, including [...]

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Brand New Month = Brand New Stamps

October has arrived, but it still feels like summer with the temps reaching a lovely (not!) 88 degrees today. The month must really start tomorrow with a dip down to 65 for the high. Crazy. I'm so excited for layers! But even more exciting than layers (see what I did there), are the brand new stamps for the month! Something for the Thanksgiving season, something to help you prepare for the Christmas season, and something just that's just plain ol' fun for planners and pages. Take a look!         Both physical and digital forms are in the store today and [...]

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