[ Art by Frank Viva ]

When we were riding the NYC subways, I saw some art mounted on the wall of the train that just made me happy. Not exactly sure what struck me about it…maybe it was just the right style for an NYC image, but I just loved this print.

I found the subways fascinating. I mean, I’ve ridden subways many times and in different states and countries, but this was the first time I rode them a lot in one city. I did a lot of people watching…wondering what their lives were like in the city. Where were they off to? What kind of home did they live in? Seeing homeless people sitting on staircases or asleep on the train. Very few children. The many languages. The differences in train rides between the weekend and the weekdays.

What an interesting slice of life. Maybe that’s why this print spoke to me.

And just to have a visual for my people-watching-subway-life, here’s a little side-by-side comparison between the weekend subway and the weekday subway.

Almost like night and day.

        subway-weekend-web        subway-weekday-web