When I was designing prints for the new Said+Done class, I felt compelled to do what made me inspired. What made me happy.

For me?

That’s traveling.

Seeing the world.

Seeing our country.

All my life I’ve looked at maps and daydreamed of far-off lands.

So for the class, we use several vintage map overlays (adapted and available just for this class) to make this particular print.

But whilst in my creative mode, I also came up with another idea. One that needed…excuse me…had to be available in the store as well.

And that would be this:


There are four color choices of this 6×8 print. Of course, you can also size them down to 3×4 for Project Life or other pocket page scrapbooking moments.

You don’t have to travel far to find it. It’s just in the store HERE.

And if you’re in the Said+Done class? No need to buy this.
You already have all the fixins and skills to make it!