Wow. I can’t believe our team up week with Bella Blvd is over! It has been a grand week! There has been so many amazing things shared in both places. I’m just in awe.

So a quick shout out to everyone who shared their talents this week.
You are all freakin’ amazing!

And now, last but not least, is little ol’ me with something to share.

But first, a little background, if you’ll humor me.
(Now would be a good time go get that hot chocolate and sit a spell.)

My one little word for this year as been Capture. I wanted to capture more love, moments and life. I’ve done well with it here and there, but I’ve not been very good in documenting things, which is an area I really wanted to do.

I had high hopes of doing something in the Project LIfe arena, but it’s now…ohhhh…November 12 and welllllll…yeah. Pages done: 0.

You’d think that I could at least manage doing something for Project Life!

It’s so simple.

But when all was said and done, it still ‘overwhelmed’ me. Something to do with thinking of filling up pockets with photos and getting it documented every week…my head could still not simplify it to the point of having it be easy.

So then I bought a planner. Still having great intentions of not only documenting, but planning work and keeping track of tasks. Let’s see, it’s November 12 and wellll, yeah. Pages done: 0.

I’ve actually been working on trips in my Traveler’s Notebook since the beginning of the year-ish. It’s dreamy. I love the idea of quick writing, little photos and some foo-foo from the trip. Still have some work to complete them. All journaling has been typed, so no worries there.

But then one day I saw Miss Marcy Penner (Hello Forever) post her 2016 Traveler’s Notebook printout. And I thought, I think I can do that. That feels like something doable. I don’t have to be overwhelmed with photos. I don’t have to write all the bits of the day. If all I did worth writing was see a beautiful sunrise, then that’s all I need to do.

I am in love with it.

I love the idea of writing lines of ‘did this, love that’ and keep it short and sweet. Our family has these tiny little journals from my great grandparents that do that exact same thing. And it’s a treasure! They’d say what the weather was, if they went it to town, did ‘all the baking’…and things like that. Just snippets of their day.

And that’s what I want to leave behind.

I am recording now.

I am so happy.

I actually type it on my computer first and then write it into the book. That way I have another copy just in case. Not only that, I’m pretty much tied at the hip to my laptop, so it’s super convenient for me to just jot notes there.

If I have one photo, I can put that in. If I have multiple photos, I can make a collage print.

There are no rules.

I feel like it’s taking Project Life down a notch to an even more basic level.

And that, I think, is going to work for me.

This is exciting stuff. :)

So here’s what I have to share today. Remember, I’m documenting simply. But I also love the idea of including designs of things that I have made as well. I think that’s an important piece of my history.

When I saw the Just Add Color kit from Bella Blvd it didn’t just speak to me, it screamed to me. Hello? Black and white? Yeah. Love.

And the polkadots…just ever so dreamy. I knew they needed to be the cover to my new documenting endeavor. I want to add something to the front, but it hasn’t revealed itself to me just yet.

Aren’t those dots just awesome!!!
I’m a little bit of a crazed polkadot junky.
Just sayin’.



So on this spread above, I had many photos that I wanted to share. Love Instagram for documenting too! What a great resource. I had one extra photo that I wanted to include, so I turned the photo collage into a pocket, put the photo on a tag, and voila. It’s been included! I added a little Bella Blvd This is Happening sticker and a little washi.




Now, when you have nothing to say on a given day, just fill it with something shiny for distraction. ;) It was actually a great space for sharing the weekend file that I made for that Friday.

I also ordered some shiny gold vinyl from SignWarehouse and had to use it!

Love the black and white numbers. Hello. More Bella Blvd Just Add Color paper! Topped it with one of their stickers too. It was perfect for what I’m currently in to…which are sunrises and sunsets! We’ve been getting some amazing ones lately!

Added a little BOO design from Something Wicked and a This Is Just Neat stamp from Tagged.


And here we go again. Perfect opportunity to share stamps and the printable that we did in Said+Done that week. (Stamps: Tagged, Time Again + Line By Line)

I love the idea of writing my snippets all week and taking maybe 30 minutes on Sunday to write it out and add some photos. Keeping it short and sweet.

This is my speed.

I think I can do this.


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