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My husband. He’s a pretty talented guy. He’s done some amazing work over the years. You may remember when he worked with a bunch of guys to build’ Jerusalem. And then there was the time he worked on a cemetery for Evermore. This is from 2013. I didn’t realize until just now that I never posted the 2014 ones. What?

He’s quite skilled. He’s even been to Italy to learn some of the old Venetian plaster ways.

Earlier this year he was asked to work on the television series set for the brand new ABC drama, Blood and Oil, starring Don Johnson. Have you watched it? Have you loved the loft and the mansion, just to name a couple sets? You can thank Dan (and others) for that. ;) He actually pretty much worked on all the sets.



Last week Dan took me up to the studio to see the sets live. It wasn’t all that bright without the set lights–not to mention that we weren’t suppose to take photos, so I thought I’d share a couple screenshots from the episode replays on the ABC site so that you could see just how lovely it is!

lot of hours and hard work went into those sets. He did an amazing job! It was cool to see in person because he was able to share so much in-depth ‘behind the scenes’ information about what went into the sets. I’ve had a little experience with cameras, lighting and sets, having been ‘behind the scenes’ with Lisa Bearnson on QVC and HSN. But it was amazing to see a television set with that much grandeur. Do you see just how high those walls are??? I have to say–and I’m not just being partial to the artist–but those sets were beautiful. So grand.

So if you need some faux brick, a fireplace, or some gorgeous Venetian plastered walls…I know a guy.

His next project is to build me my own little Hogwarts.

And if you want to see more, go out to the Blood and Oil site and watch any episode, except the pilot (and maybe the one after?). He didn’t work on that. ;)

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  1. Jane November 25, 2015 at 7:08 am

    That is so cool! Dan is famous AND talented :)

  2. Sue FitzGerald November 25, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Wow Kerri, he is one clever guy, and what a creative pair you are between you both.

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