I don’t even dare admit to how many photos I’ve taken this year. I can’t even believe how many more photos I take now that I always have a phone with me, which is really wonderful! But right now, the only one that gets to enjoy them…is me. And even then, I forget. It’s fun to see them again as I’m looking for ‘this’ or ‘that’ photo. Some I absolutely love and should print them out.

But scrapbooking for me anymore is just too time consuming. You’ve all heard my story there.

So what’s a girl to when she wants to share her favorite photos for the year?

Well, you just know I have to have an answer for you, yes?

Check out the project from Layle!
(And narrated by Layle, too. :) )

Do you take lots of photos on your smart phone?  I know I sure do.  The problem is that’s usually where they stay, on my phone!  As I was looking through my photos a few weeks ago, I realized it’s like a little chronological time capsule.  So I started thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to put together a ‘best of 2015’ project using some of my favorite photos from the this year?

So that’s just what I did!

finished - fronts

My first step was to go through the photos from this year on my phone.  As I found ones I liked, I added them to a 2015 folder.  Once I had the photos I knew I wanted to work with I gathered a few supplies and set out to put something together, assembly line style.


I decided on tags for the base of the project because they were small and easy to work with. I grabbed 2 sets of Kerri’s stamps – Tagged and Time Again – and I set to work.


Each tag was going to start with the same 2 stamps, so that made them easy to put together.  I first stamped the Today sentiment on each tag – that stamp would be perfect for adding a few details from each photo.  I then used the fun border stamp along the bottom with each tag; I stamped in gold to spice things up a bit :) After that I outlined each tag with a black pen and then wrapped a thin strip of washi tape around the front and back of the tag to add a pop of color, and then a 2nd, thicker coordinating strip of washi around the front.

ready for photos

From there I printed 2×2 photos from my Zink printer – they print out on sticker paper so it made it super easy to just peel off the backing and adhere to the tags.


After I added the photos to the front of each tag, I turned the tag over and added the date, a bit of journaling, and then stamped the month the photo was taken with the Time Again stamps.  Because the photos on my phone were date stamped, it made it super easy to ‘remember’ when each photo was taken!

finished - details

Although this was a really quick and easy project, I think it’s one of my favorites I’ve made in a long time.  It’s the perfect little project to capture our year in photos!  I think this is one of those projects I’ll be adding to my ‘to do’ list every year :)

+ + + + + + +

Can you say wow?

I think the whole key to this project was keeping it all consistent, yet unique, and the whole assembly-line concept. It allows for individuality, but keeping it streamlined to make it quick.

Love this idea!

And love the use of the stamps on the tags too!

What a great idea! And what a fun gift idea for parents and grandparents too!

Fabulous, Miss Layle!

And don’t forget, today’s the last day of the biggest sale of the year!