It’s December. December! Can you even believe it??? It’s such an exciting time, especially ’round these parts. It’s an especially wonderful time of year because it’s when we do our…
These next twelve days are going to be awesome! Not only do we have the one-day-only Christmas freebies and other goodies going on, but we also have company in for the holidays. I love having guests over, ya know.

And today, we have Emma W. You know when you’re just perusing Instagram and you’re in the Based On People You Know section? One of her posts just caught my eye. I looked. I was smitten. I knew she needed to come party at our Christmas house. And she has something absolutely lovely to kick off our little 12-day celebration!

Are you looking for a delightful advent calendar idea? Well check this out!


As soon as I saw these little boxes I knew I just had to make a new advent calendar. Last year I cheated and went with a store brought version (we were renovating, crafty time was limited, ha!) but this year I wanted to make my own again!

This base of this project was so simple really – the boxes are super easy to make and assemble. I managed to squeeze 3 of the smaller sizes onto a 12×12 sheet and 2 per page for the bigger ones.

The decorating on the other hand was a rather lengthy process! I’m not the speediest of scrapbookers and I think I averaged around an hour each night for a week (slow I know!). My greatest time saver for the decorating side of things was using a kit. Having everything co-ordinate for you already is such a time saver! Only bits outside the kit are a couple pieces of paper (because I ran out, ha) and alpha’s because I wanted a little more variety.

I also cut a few shapes and words out of plain white cardstock which fit with everything else perfectly!


When I initially started this project, I had planned to hang them on our Christmas tree – as in my head we were going with a silver/gold theme this year so the papers/embellishments fit in perfectly. Zack (my son) however decided to mix things up…. One day when we were out shopping he spotted these bright decorations and asked if we could use those on the tree instead. I have to admit; for a few seconds I wanted to say NO! because they did not co-ordinate with anything I had made or had planned to make, haha. But I gave in and we ended up buying a bunch of these bright decorations!

Soon as we got home I got the advent boxes out next to the decorations and it was clear they were not going to work together on the tree…. I admit I may have had a small little internal hissy fit because I’d spent so long making them (and really loved them!) and now they weren’t going to match but thankfully I also had a small lightbulb moment and figured I could just fix them to a board and then sit that next to the tree or move from room to room if I needed it to.

I’d brought a few plywood panels a few months ago (for a craft related project that never went ahead, score!) so I brought that inside and measured it up.   To hang the boxes off I used some gold drawing pins – spaced them out evenly on width and height and voila – done!


After they were all in position I figured the board needed some kind of heading so I cut “be merry” from chipboard (those pieces that come with our scrapbook kits each month!), sprayed them gold and stuck it on top with double-sided tape. So easy!


I have to admit the colour inconsistency from tree to advent calendar kinda bugs me, but it is what it is and I absolutely love this project irrespective! Zack can’t wait to get started opening them all up to see what’s inside.




[ Designs | Boxed Up / Merry Everything (merry) / Digital Stamps: Believe (tree) / Digital Stamps: Holiday Magic (be merry) ]


Delightful, right? I may just head on over to Australia and open those packages up myself! ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by the KBS house for the holidays Emma! These are gorgeous!



The Christmas one-day-only freebie. It’s become a bit of a tradition here. And who am I to mess with tradition, eh?

Here is today’s freebie that’s available for today only. Next day? It’s in the store and we’ll see a new freebie.


This is no longer available as a freebie, but you can get it in the store.

You might want to share this tidbit of info with all your friends, so they don’t mis out too. :)

Okay, so, as if you haven’t had enough excitement for today already, all December long it’s sale time!


We are all spending oodles and oodles of moola this month and we here at KBS want to help you save a little all month long…’cause that’s just how we roll.

(Sale excludes the newest Tagged stamps and Said+Done class as well as gift cards.)

Today is a doozy of a day. Not only are we starting our 12 Days event, but for those of you keeping track…it the first day of the month, and you know what that means!

A new set of stamps are in da-house!


Check out Nowadays in both physical and digital stamps. It’s  a fun set of designs with a plethora of words that simply accentuate now time. My favorite (besides the camera!) is the Because set because you use the one large word and accentuate it with a choice of the other five phrases, like this:


I tell ya. I’m excited to use these!

As always, this is on sale the first two days of the month, howeverrrrrr, because we’re having a sale all month long, it will remain on sale. (Tagged still won’t be on sale though because it was brand new right before the sale.)

And now I’d like to introduce you to Posts of Christmas Past for this 12 Days event. There are so many times when I’m flipping through the photos from our amazing design team, looking for something, that I pass across a favorite project that they did. Sometimes I think that past projects can be forgotten. So with Posts of Christmas Past we will be visited by twelve glorious projects of ‘old’. It’s our chance to revisit something totally amazing to inspire both the young and the old…or rather, the newbies and the regulars to the KBS site.

Today’s Posts of Christmas Past moment comes to you from Layle from a couple years ago. I have mentioned this before, but this Jingle All The Way image is pretty big ’round these parts. Most of you like to use it in the way I originally made it. But how awesome is it ‘painted’ on this wooden piece?!

Jingle all the Way layle

For more about how to make this wonderful holiday decor, check out this post HERE.


What a big day!

It’s going to be a fantastic twelve days, so you don’t want to miss a thing!