We are back with another day and another page from our sweet Laura.

So let me ask you two questions.

How many photos do you take at Christmas and how often have they been left unscrapped?

I’m telling you right now, Laura is my hero. She made it a personal goal to get all her past Christmases scrapped. So many years…so many photos!

Man. What an undertaking!

Take a look at this page….


[ DesignsHere Comes Santa Claus (merry) / Christmas Countdown (Christmas) / Storyboard #7 ]

Holy cow! I have two words for you: photo template. 

Two pages and twenty photos! How grand is that? Laura is the queen of using photo templates. She manages to have this awesomely clean look and still get a little decoration in there.

Love it!

Seriously. She’s my hero.

Here’s what Laura has to say:

Just a little over a year ago, I set out on a mission to tackle 6 years worth of Christmas photos that had never been documented and get them scrapped and in the albums. I relied heavily on Kerri’s Storyboard templates for this project, and created 16 different photo collages, that included a total of 143 photos. These collages covered 6 family get togethers from those 6 years, as well as 3 Christmas mornings with just our little family. In the end, my plan was to end up with 6 two page layouts and 3 single page layouts. Well, it’s taken me a full year (and a month, if you want to get technical), but I’ve finished all 9 of those layouts!

This layout here is one of the last ones I had left, and it’s very similar in design to what a lot of my layouts ended up looking like. The entire reason that I had those 6 years of Christmas’s that hadn’t been documented (along with a few more years from my film days, which still need to be taken care of) was that I don’t enjoying scrapping Christmas layouts. Not sure why. I just don’t. Which is why I went into this project knowing that I would keep these layouts simple and quick.

For this layout, I created two separate photo collages. Since I aim to get all of our photos onto the page, I created a full 12×12 collage for one side of the two page spread, and then a smaller collage for the opposite page. Both of the collages used on this layout came from Kerri’s Storyboard #7 kit. I combined two cut files to create my “Merry Christmas” title. While the Here Comes Santa Claus kit has a “Merry Christmas” that’s all one cut file, I decided I wanted a taller, all uppercase “Christmas”, which I found in the Christmas Countdown kit.

It felt so good to get all of those Christmases finished and in the albums. Now I just need to take care of Christmas 2014, since Christmas 2015 is right around the corner!


I love that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for all your pages. Use them as a guideline to crunch through similar subjects.

Great job Laura!

snowflakesThis is no longer available as a freebie, but you can get it in the store.

Since we haven’t had much snow yet this year, I decided to make my own.

And because I couldn’t decide between rounded ends or pointed ends…I figured, why decide?
Just include them both. :)

What could be more perfect for a wintery holiday page than white on white with splashes of gold silver? Nichol did it in very fine fashion here for our Posts of Christmas Past!

For all the details, click HERE.

(p.s. more snow, right?)