I think our wheels are spinnin’…thinkin’ of all those gift-giving ideas right about now, wouldn’t ya say? Just about two weeks until Christmas! What are you getting everyone on your list?

Well, for just that little somethin’-somethin’, especially gift cards, jewelry or chocolate, check out all the awesomeness that Layle whipped up for the dudes on her list! So stinkin’ cute!

I have 2 teenage boys.  Their cousins are teenagers.  Their friends are teenagers.  Let’s face it, gone are the days of wrapping up a box of Legos or a Barbie for Christmas.  Teenagers want cash.  Cold hard cash!  That or a gift card.  Sure, it’s easy to slap a check, some cash or a gift card in a Hallmark card and call it good, but what fun is that when you can have fun making little bags to slide it in?  


Kerri’s new Paper Bag cut files are perfect for having a little fun with your cash or gift card giving!  I’ve used the 4 different rounded top styles – square, rectangle, gift card & skinny mini – and scrapbook paper to create 4 pint sized paper bags, ready for cash, gift cards, even small gifts like jewelry!

On this first paper bag, I used the Square template.  Wrapping it up like a present with some tinsel twine gives it a little bit of sparkle… ok, more like A LOT of sparkle!  I finished it off by stamping a tag with the dot stamp from the Tagged stamp set and then HO HO HO from the Believe stamp set.  A little washi and a few stickers & I called it good.  Now who wouldn’t want a nice little gift tucked inside this little gem?  :)

paper bag 1

For my 2nd bag I used the Rectangle template.  With all of the templates you can size as needed, so you can really customize the size of the bag for what you’re going to put in it.  I cut the deer from the Oh Deer cut file out of American Crafts paper.  I just love that shiny deer! To shine it up a bit more – because if you can’t load on the sparkle & shine at Christmas, when CAN you?! – I sprayed the bag with gold glitter spray from Thermo Web.  A quick strip of red patterned paper, a self adhesive brad and another sticker and voila – a fun & functional bag, just waiting for a little something to be added!

paper bag 2

For this bag I used the Gift Card template.  You guys, I know I’m going to be using this one over and over and over again.  In fact, I should just go pull out a bunch of different scrapbook paper and prepare a bunch of these so I have on hand anytime I need to give a gift card!  They’re sooooo much cuter than the plain ugly envelopes you get them in from the store!  A quick wrap of red baker’s twine and a key tag stamped in gold with the snowflake stamp from the Believe stamp set and the ‘twinkle’ stamp from the Holiday Magic stamp set and BAM! another bag, ready for giving!

paper bag 3

For my last bag I used the Skinny Minny template.  This size is perfect for giving chocolate bars.  And you know teenagers – cash AND chocolate?!  You betcha!  I wrapped 2 different widths of jute around the bag & tied it up like a present.  A few jingle balls added to the festiveness.  To wrap it up, another tag, this time stamped with the stars from the Holiday Magic stamp set and the mini tree from the Believe stamp set.

paper bag 4

And there you have it.  Little gift bags, all wrapped up and ready to go. Now I’m off to cross those off my ‘to do’ list!


So seriously? Love them all! I’m with Layle..I just wanna go cut out a few and have on hand. And the grand part about that is that you can store them flat until you’re ready to use it…if you want to, that is. Cut them out in different colors and put them in a file folder to whip out when you need it. For all year long even! I find that I’m much more inclined to use something when it’s even half-way prepared than if I have to run go cut it out quickly because some kid forgot they needed some present right before a party. But even then, cutting it doesn’t take that much time.

These are just so awesome Layle! Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas! Needed that! :)

Today’s one-day freebie is a fun little ‘Santa’ card. Comes in print form as well as ‘disassembled’ in the way of cut files. Print or cut…or print and cut. What ever tickles your fancy and makes you laugh like a bowl full of jelly.


This is no longer available as a freebie, but you can get it in the store.

Need a gift wrapping idea with a little more space? Try Laura’s idea of wrapping a tin with stitched-together stars. Love this idea! For more about this, click HERE.