The History Project. It’s here to stay!

It’s that time of year again. The time when we see January off in the short future and we start thinking about setting new goals. Goals to be better about documenting our lives…including documenting our early years!

After a few years of offering this class in various configurations, starting January 4 it will be available to anyone at any time as a self-paced class.

What does this mean?

Over 50 prompts and their corresponding shapes will be available on January 4 when the new class starts. Now you can write about the memories that you are feeling when you want to.


Additionally, the brand new stamp set, Yesterday, has been designed specifically for this class, but of course can be used for so much more! It uses many of the words and phrases that we use in the class, so it’s the perfect complement to your journal entries.


And the best part is, when you purchase The History Project, you will receive a one-time use coupon code to save $3 for this stamp set.

Pretty awesome!

Please note: This stamp set is available now for preorder for the January stamp release. All previous History Project students will receive their own coupon via email, so please be sure to watch for that. 

And in case you wanted a bit more savings–because we like doing that ’round these parts, purchase the class by December 25 and save $5!

And did I mention what an awesome Christmas gift this would be??? If that’s something you’re interested in doing, email me and we’ll get that set up for your loved one.

So why do The History Project?

This class is so much more than the journaling books you pick up at a bookstore. The prompts are in-depth, with many questions to get your brain working on recalling those memories. Plus there are writing tips to help you tell your stories in creative ways.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are over fifty printable designs and cuttable shapes to help accentuate your journal.

But even with all that extra stuff, the real reason why you want to do The History Project is to get your stories out of your head and down onto paper.

Don’t leave your posterity wondering about your life.

Not too long ago (while working on The History Project, mind you), I heard this quote on The Da Vinci code:

“A picture says a thousand words, but which words? … Understanding our past determines actively the ability to understand the present. … How do we write our own histories, personally or culturally, and thereby define ourselves?”


We need to write our stories…our histories.

The stories–and who we are–should be remembered.
They need to be remembered. They tell us who we are.

I can tell you, without out a doubt, that your life is interesting.

Your life is gold.

Your posterity will want to know all your stories growing up.

You may think you’ve forgotten, but The History Project can help you recall and write those memories. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that from past students.

Your story is important.

Your story is you.

There’s no time like the present to write about your past.

And here’s a little video to help you feel even more motivated to write your stories. :)






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  1. Nashonne December 24, 2015 at 8:24 am

    I absolutely LOVED doing this project (I was in the inaugural class)! The prompts brought back great memories to share with my son and future generations. I would recommend this to everyone.

    Kerri, when will past students get there coupon via email?

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