You know how you start on a project a few months ago, get maybe two-thirds or even three-quarers done and then it kind of gets pushed aside? Yeah, this is like that.

So glad to finally have this fun little grouping of hand-drawn ‘bursts’ done!

It’s funny, because according to what I like, my kids would refer to me as hipster. Just because you like the vintage style of lettering, and have liked it for many, many years–before ‘hipster’ was even a thing–does not label you a hipster. It’s all these young pups putting a label on liking vintage things…when some of us were liking it long before they were–and most likely before they were even born.

so there.

That being said, it only seemed fitting to call this kit Burst of Hipster. ;)

I love the idea of using the whole burst to outline a word or two in the center, or using just pieces of it to accentuate another piece of a title. Use the image as a base and then move the pieces as needed to fit your art.

This has so much potential!

And just for fun, I even included an already-made title within the kit.


You can also take a Radial image from the Radial Neutrals or Radial Sunshine kits to give it a sun flare look. I overlaid two on top of each other to make this look.



As you can tell, there is some fun to be had with these bursts!