All You Need Is Love Frame

Love is in the air. The love of sunshine. The love of slightly warmer temps. The love of a spark of color. The love of love. The big love day will soon be here and I thought it would be fun to make Valentine's Day version of the Jingle All The Way. A quick little somethin'-somethin' to make with just a frame, some shiny gold vinyl, and a few wooden hearts...and a little paper and sequins too, of course. Here's the main pieces of what I used. Click on the image to take you the website. Frame from Michaels, Hearts from Amazon, and the variegated paper [...]

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Telling Stories With Your Smart Phone

This morning I stumbled across a video about taking photos with your smart phone--and in this case, an iPhone 6S/6S Plus. (I will neither confirm nor deny that I was avoiding work.) We are taking so many more photos than ever before, which I think is amazing! And what I found fascinating is that with all the bells+whistles of the latest+greatest in cameras, you can still tell a most amazing story with the one you most likely already have in your hand....your smart phone. It's quiet. It's discreet. People are used to seeing smart phones out. And it's pretty much [...]

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Hello There Card Adaptation | Bees Knees

Remember yesterday how I said that my brain was swirling with Valentine adaptations for cards in the Hello There class (that's on sale until Thursday). Yup. this happened.   Using the soon-to-be-released bee stamp image with my Minc. A lovely combination, if I do say so myself! One note. I might Minc it before doing your Silhouette Print+Cut. I did it after and so the cut affected the toner on the bee. In the end I'd prefer a nice smooth gold, but in the essence of conserving my precious gold ;), I opted not to redo it. what else [...]

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Hello There Class | Save 25%

The other day I was perusing some photos and came across photos from the Hello There Silhouette class from a couple years ago. My mind started swimming with ideas for Valentine's Day! What you learn in the class can be adapted for any occasion, any color scheme, any...whatever. Take a look at these two renditions. The aqua is one Nichol made, the orange is the version from the class. This pinked-edge paper bag Print+Cut is one of my very favorite designs we make in the class. The possibilities are endless! And in case you wanted a bigger peek at the [...]

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Retro Art: Love

Sometimes it's just time for something new. And when that happens, it must be acted upon. For several years now I've put my subway art in a wrought-iron chalkboard. I've loved it all this time. But when I recently put in the Valentine's Day art, I gandered at it a spell and decided I needed something fresh. It wasn't so much the subway art as it was the chalkboard it was in. I've had a lot of wrought-iron in my home, particularly since we remodeled in 2008, and I decided I wanted to give my home a little face lift. [...]

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Week After Week

Alright, I know that the title of Laura's page has nothing to do with the weather, but man, that's exactly the feeling I've been having with this January gloomy weather and short days! Okay, maybe it'd be more appropriate to say day after day, but man, this girl needs some sunshine! Every time the sun comes out I'm so motivated to get stuff done. But it doesn't last long before we're all socked in again and it's just a heavy feeling. You just don't want to do anything. And this girl's got lots to do! Must. Have. Sun. Okay, pity party's [...]

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Chicago. It’s OUR Kind of Town.

(Grab your favorite beverage and sit a spell. This is gonna be a long post. :) ) I've been to Chicago several times in my life. Most of it was for CHA (craft trade show), once with with Lisa Bearnson when she was on Oprah, and once was for a scrapbook retreat in Michigan (2 hours from Chicago) in 2000 with girls from the Provo Craft design team...which included Stacy Julian and Kristina Nicolai-White (2Peas). Pretty much before everything was really big in the scrapbooking industry. Every time I go I have such an adventure! Great times. It's a city that just [...]

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Video: Changing Colors In Studio For The ‘Little Words’

With all the shininess of my Little Words of late (see THIS post from a few days ago), I've had a few questions on how to change the colors...and even how to work with the frame in Silhouette Studio. So here's a little video for y'all showin' a few tips and tricks. Enjoy! (Make it HD for the best quality entertainment. ;) )   One other note, I mentioned that the little tool at the bottom is only available in the Designer Edition. While that is true, you can also pick up the color of another by using [...]

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A Closer Look At The History Project

A few years ago I shared this blog post and I thought it was worth sharing again because many of you wonder What The History Project is all about? What are the prompts? What are you doing?  Obviously I can't share all the information going on within the class, but if you follow me on social media, you see that I share little bits of what we do. But if you don't do social media, here's a little visual sampling on what we do or what you get in the class. Unlike the first couple years where I had a more organic [...]

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Gold Is The New Black

I am a huge fan of white. If you’ve been with me a while here, you know that, right? And I love black and white. I love the classic simplicity there. But now? Gold is the new black.   [ Digital Stamps | Twinkle / Thankful / Nowadays ] I’ve you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll see that the ‘golden’ age of KBS has begun to unfold. It appears that since I got my HP LaserJet 1102w for Christmas, that I can’t stop making shiny things with the printer and my Minc. It’s pretty funny because on our way home from getting the printer [...]

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