Another month as arrived and with it brings new stamps to KBS! At the request of many of you, there is a new alphabet in town–some big, bold beautiful characters! They match A Big Day, standing just under an 1″ tall.

Here they are in all their glory…the new Lincoln alphabet in a fun set of styles!
Please note, due to all the holiday hullabaloo, these are all preorders.


Order them by Wednesday


ay (since I’m off to a late start) and save 10% on these four stamp sets!

And don’t forget the Yesterday stamp set that was released in December. You can save $3 on the purchase price if you’ve purchased The History Project. (Check your new orders or email for past students for your personal coupon code.)


One other reminder, The History Project has started today! This time of year is perfect for working on a project like this. You will never get your stories written if you keep saying, ‘I don’t have time for this right now.’ It’s never going to be a ‘good’ time.

Make the time.

Make it a priority.

Work on it once a week or more often as time permits.

It’s so important. And this class goes beyond the ordinary. It gets you really thinking about the stories of your past. It’s amazing what comes to mind!