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Alright, I know that the title of Laura’s page has nothing to do with the weather, but man, that’s exactly the feeling I’ve been having with this January gloomy weather and short days! Okay, maybe it’d be more appropriate to say day after day, but man, this girl needs some sunshine!

Every time the sun comes out I’m so motivated to get stuff done. But it doesn’t last long before we’re all socked in again and it’s just a heavy feeling. You just don’t want to do anything. And this girl’s got lots to do!

Must. Have. Sun.

Okay, pity party’s over.
Let’s take a look at Laura’s lovely page today!


[ DesignsToday (after) / Life Additions: Weeklies (week) / Half Pints #1 (photo template) ]

Love the way she mixed her title words from different kits! Great look! And man, I gotta give this girl some props because it takes a special person to do daycare…and to teach. Taking care of more children than just your own? I had my hands full with my own three, I can’t imagine taking on more. The destruction and crying alone… :) I think I said it before that Laura was my hero…and I mean it.

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I’ve accumulated so many photos of my daycare kiddos, and thought it was about time to do another layout about what a typical work week for me looks like. Quite honestly, a typical work week for me looks almost exactly like any other work week I’ve had over the last fourteen years of doing daycare. Just different faces, as kids come and go. I picked out a few photos that show a bit of the crazy moments of my days (kids making huge messes, huge amounts of kids, and lunchtime), and a few photos that show a bit of the calm moments of my days (sitting on the floor with little ones in my lap, and rocking babies to sleep), and combined them into one of Kerri’s collage templates from her Half Pints #1 kit.

For my title, I loved the chunkier “week” found in the Life Additions: Weeklies kit, and cut it twice from my aqua patterned paper. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love a title combining a chunkier font with a cursive font. The “after”, found in Kerri’s Today kit, was perfect for adding in between my two “weeks”. I also cut each of the three words from black cardstock, which I layered behind my patterned paper words, slightly offsetting the two for a little dimension.

I left plenty of room to add my journaling, as I had a lot to say on this layout. I could have gone on and on about what makes up a normal work week for me, but I think I touched on the most important ones. I love doing layouts like this from time to time, as so much of the facts remain the same, and yet there’s always bound to be a few new tidbits that stand out more at different times in life.

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