Retro Art: Love

Sometimes it’s just time for something new. And when that happens, it must be acted upon. For several years now I’ve put my subway art in a wrought-iron chalkboard. I’ve loved it all this time. But when I recently put in the Valentine’s Day art, I gandered at it a spell and decided I needed something fresh. It wasn’t so much the subway art as it was the chalkboard it was in. I’ve had a lot of wrought-iron in my home, particularly since we remodeled in 2008, and I decided I wanted to give my home a little face lift.

This would be the result.

subway display final2 web
I still loved the idea of  ‘subway art’, but wanted a more modern retro look. Yeah, it’s a thing. I loved the idea of simple text. It also looks lovely complemented with the All You Need Is Love handwritten phrase from Seasonably Said (cut in gold vinyl, placed on a transparency, and into to a clear frame).

Of course, when making the art in the subject of looooove, I couldn’t help but think of silly love songs. Sooooo, I made a rendition of that as well. :)


Also includes cut files so you can play in programs like Silhouette Studio.

I kind of kept with that whole ‘retro’ theme there with the songs, if you couldn’t tell. ;) I’m feeling the urge to put that in my Midori Travelers Notebook.

I loved the idea of using a long and lean frame, but they aren’t as easy to come by. And by that, I mean, you have to be able to copy or print the image on a large format paper or cardstock to fit the frame, so you need to be particular about the frame. Since I wanted to play with it in a size I could end up running through my HP LaserJet Pro 1102w printer and my Minc, I purchased THIS FRAME from Target. (They also had some good frames at Michaels…just an inch too big for me.)

frame for print

(The frame I bought has updated packaging, including one photo spot in yellow and one in blue.)

The inside of the frame measures about 7.5 x 15″. I purchased some 13×19″  Hammermill paper and 80 lb cardstock from my local copy store. Trimmed it to 8.5″ and had plans to utilize that 19″…or at least the 15″. Unfortunately, even with creating a custom printer size, I still couldn’t get it to recognize the 19″–a limitation of the printer, I’m supposing. As a workaround, I’d already created my document using the frame specs, sized my art as I liked (about 4″ wide), but then used a Legal size printer paper (8.5×14″) for my media size. I adjusted the art down so that the bottom most line was at the bottom border.

print screen shot


After I printed it, I used the mat (or paper, if that’s what’s there) as a guideline to draw lines with a pencil where it needed to be trimmed away.

mat and print
Now, if you were wanting a big print, the best thing to do would be to take the image on a jump drive to a copy center rather than try to do this at home. They could probably even trim it to size for you. I just wanted the ability to shiny it up, so I opted for this setup.

So yeah. There ya go. Or maybe, there I go…refreshed decor.


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  1. Melanie A. January 22, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    Ha, I kind of like it in the three sections too

  2. 3kidmama January 23, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    What a fun decor item – would also make a fabulous wedding type gift I think too!

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