Old + New = Love.

Today I thought it might be fun do a little current fashion fave. For the past few years, I've not been carrying a wallet, much less a purse. The modern conveniences of debit cards and no young kids has allowed me to throw my license and debit card in one pocket and my phone in my other pocket allowing me complete freedom of hands and running hither and dither. But there have been times when I 'didn't have that card' with me to go to Costco on a whim, or gather points, or whatever the case may have been. In [...]

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Hello. Goodbye.

There's a little bit of change going on here at KBS. Both good and sad. Today we officially say goodbye to one of our design team members--Miss Naomi Atkins. She's been a joy to have here. We've loved  so many beautiful creations from her and we wish her nothing but the best! You will be missed, darlin'! And now I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the KBS Design team... Everyone give a big shout out to Miss Paige Evans!!! Paige has shared her talent here every now and again and I am just tickled pink to have this girl [...]

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It’s A Beautiful Day!

Ohhhhhhh my goodness!!!! The weather we've been having lately is just wonderful! I can hardly contain my excitement for spring! The sun is shining. There are more people out and about. The dog is rolling around in the grass and the cat is rolling around on the porch steps. I wore a gorgeous, brand new, light-weight peach colored sweater on Saturday. Spring is just itchin' to get out everywhere! So I thought I'd help it along here by having a little sale with the Beautiful Day stamp set! Now through Wednesday you can save 20% off these little beauties! (While supplies last.) All I can [...]

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All You Need Is Love

I love it when a plan comes together. One that you didn't really have any intention of starting out with, but that somehow serendipitously turns into something else or a new way of doing something....as what happened with Layle's page making story here: Have you seen Kerri's new XO stamps? Holy cow.  Sold out in 4 days.  WHAT?!  Since I didn't have a chance to snatch up a set before they sold out, I thought I'd use the next best thing - the XO Digital Stamps.  And you know what?  I'm glad they were sold out.  Glad because it forced [...]

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Introducing: Said+Done 2.0

I think one of my very favorite classes has to be Said+Done. With my love of all things word and type related, is it any wonder that there would be a Said+Done 2.0??? Of course there would be more, right? In this class we'll be creating more amazing prints that teach you new ways of using Silhouette Studio. But the best part of both classes is that you do not need a Silhouette to take the class! It's all about using the powerful--and free--Silhouette Studio program to make fabulous works of art! No matter who you are, whether you have a cutter [...]

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28 Years + Counting

When you say twenty eight years out loud, it sounds like so much! It's been an amazing and wild ride with this fella. Love ya hon! (Sign is from Letterfolk.)

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Love You Sweet Thing

This month is definitely a month of expressing love. We do it so many ways--a simple little three-finger hand sign, a hug, some chocolates, a valentine, a note...or in this case...a page. Laura has done a beautiful job at sharing some loving sentiments about her daughter! [ Designs | February Fourteen (sweet thing) / Hello There Class Freebies (heart + you) ]   Love the big title. Love the simple, yet delightful design. Love the journaling going up the side. Love the embossed layered heart. Love that she used one of her daughter's selfies (putting those to good use!). Just love, [...]

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My Wanderlust = Your Savings

No, I'm not planning an all-expenses paid vacation for everyone. Sorry. :) But all this wintry socked-in weather has got me rather stir crazy. Combine that with the fact that I added some so-beautifully-scenic-in-London-and-other-places Instagram accounts to my feed, and I'm in serious trouble. It just adds fuel to my wanderlust fire. All I want to do is go somewhere! Alas. I do a lot of day dreaming. And I will neither confirm nor deny that I bought plane tickets a couple weeks ago for a really good deal--stateside though. Wish it was London...or Amsterdam...or Paris........ But in all reality, [...]

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You Speak. We Listen. XO Stamps Available For Preorder.

If you follow KBS on social media, you'll have read that the XO stamp set was on its way to a sell-out last night...and that it eventually did sell out. Considering the subject of the stamps and the fact that Valentine's Day is just next week, I'd contemplated not doing a reorder, figuring they were more of a seasonable style of stamp. Well, we've heard from many of you that have said nay! You said that this is a set that can be loved year 'round. We listen to our peeps here at KBS...and we love our peeps too. :) Therefore, you can now purchase the XO [...]

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Some ‘Love’ly Decor

I love just having a simple little decor for Valentine's Day. Like I say, it's not a holiday we go overboard with, but it's fun to show a little love around the home, right? That's why I adore this decor by our Miss Maggie...who is in the same 'love boat' as me. :) simple. sweet. love. Maggie...take it away darlin'! Hey everyone! I'll be honest, Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday ever. I mean, it's OK...but it's not my favorite. I do enjoy having little subtle love-themed decorations up in my house this time of year, though...so I made some [...]

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