You Speak. We Listen. XO Stamps Available For Preorder.


If you follow KBS on social media, you’ll have read that the XO stamp set was on its way to a sell-out last night…and that it eventually did sell out.

Considering the subject of the stamps and the fact that Valentine’s Day is just next week, I’d contemplated not doing a reorder, figuring they were more of a seasonable style of stamp.

Well, we’ve heard from many of you that have said nay!
You said that this is a set that can be loved year ’round.

We listen to our peeps here at KBS…and we love our peeps too. :)

Therefore, you can now purchase the XO stamps on preorder.

They did sell out within just four days. So if you want in on this next round, you might want to stake your claim on them right away because I’m not sure when the next order will be if (when?) they sell out again. They should begin shipping around the middle of the month.

Additionally, the newest Lincoln series of stamps are getting limited, so if you had your eyes on those…you know what you need to do. :)

Again, we just want to thank you so much for your love of all things here in this little KBS world. Thank you for your support, your input, your friendships….you guys are amazing!

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