My Wanderlust = Your Savings

No, I’m not planning an all-expenses paid vacation for everyone. Sorry. :)

But all this wintry socked-in weather has got me rather stir crazy. Combine that with the fact that I added some so-beautifully-scenic-in-London-and-other-places Instagram accounts to my feed, and I’m in serious trouble. It just adds fuel to my wanderlust fire.

All I want to do is go somewhere!

Alas. I do a lot of day dreaming.

And I will neither confirm nor deny that I bought plane tickets a couple weeks ago for a really good deal–stateside though. Wish it was London…or Amsterdam…or Paris…….. But in all reality, there are amazing places to visit here in the states.

So of course my mind starts drifting to documenting it.

And that’s where you come in.

My wanderlust works to your benefit.

travel stamp sale web

You can get the Travelogue and Wanderlust stamps through Thursday and save 20% (while supplies last).

These are two of my most favoritst (yeah, it’s a word) stamp sets ever. Love the tiny little touches of words or icons you can add to your travel memories.


I loved using it in my Florida album!
(You can see the whole thing HERE.)

Words are my favorite accent and these tiny little friends are perfect!

Now I’m wondering where my day dreaming will take me next… :)

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