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Can you hear the music in your head? Y'all ready for this? Maybe you need some help? There is something a little different and new headed to KBS and we want to help you get your game on with your MAD (Make/Alter/Design) skills! So take advantage of our three-day class sale on what we like to call 'the essentials'. These four classes will improve your skills so you can be ready for what's next! Coming soon! (Just s little ever-so excited.)  

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Fab Font Friday | Adefebia

Today's Fab Font comes to you from sweet little script of a font called Adefebia. When I saw it, I was somewhat smitten.   What I Like: The extra little swirls on some of the letters. Check out the 'n' and 'd'! The fact that it looks uneven instead of a 'perfect' script. Helpful hints: Add a stroke (AI/PS) or Line Color (Silhouette Studio) to some of the letters to make it look more authentic. Change the baseline--or placement--of some letters vertically so the words are more uneven. Make some letters larger. Some free fonts, such as this, are a [...]

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Stamp Tips

It's funny how things come to fruition in the world of organization. You have a need and you search for a solution. For example... I do plenty of stamping little 3x4 cards. But I never like to cut the card shape before I stamp because gosh, what if I screw up the placement? But then I go to cut the card and then...I still screw up the placement. Being the perfectionist that I am, that's not an option. So what's a girl to do? Well, a nice 3x4 cut piece of plastic paper does the trick! I can place it over my image [...]

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My Grandpa’s Hat

[ Stamps | Kramer Outline, Line By Line (arrow), Yesterday (childhood) ] Yesterday I was fiddling around in my studio when this caught my eye. My grandpa’s hat. He wore it all the time to work in the garden. It’s one of the few things that I’ve received as a memento of the farm and I treasure it greatly. Like I said, it’s in my studio. Sometimes your surroundings become oblivious to you...and sometimes, there’s something that brings back memories. Many objects you have on display can be there for a reason, such as this. When I see it.... I [...]

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It’s the Kramer Sale

I have this uncontrollable urge to call this the Kramer vs. Kramer sale. Some of you may be too young to remember that movie reference. ;) But today, it's all about the two Kramer alphabet sets. These two lovelies, unlike the movie, like each other very much and play very nicely together.   And just for that... Both sets--Kramer + Kramer Outline--are on sale for 20% off through Thursday! (while supplies last) I tell ya...I love these little beauties. They have multiple letters and you can write out so much in one foul swoop. You may remember this tag I [...]

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Easter Bunny + ‘Bloom’ Savings

Even though a chunk of my day was spent indoors, I did manage to get out yesterday and enjoy that first day of spring and its 72 degree weather. A walk with the dog and a couple kids up to Bridal Veil Falls can do wonders for the soul. It's pretty amazing that I have something like this just ten minutes away. Hubs also mowed the lawn on Saturday and there's nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of the mower. Spring has arrived. (And we won't speak of the snow coming in a couple [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Haiku’s Script

When you love fonts and all things text as much as I do--not to mention anything that has the word free associated with it--it only seems fitting to have a regular feature on the blog. I've done a lot of showcasing of free fonts in certain classes, like the Said+Done series and others, but I thought it might be a grand idea to feature a favorite free font...mmmm....I don't know that I should commit to every week, but we're going to shoot for most Fridays at least. :) Here's the first of many to come!     What I like: The mix [...]

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Being in such the springy mood, that I'm sure most of us are, when I saw this page from Laura, I let out a heavy sigh and went ahhhhh.... It truly is beautiful in every sense--from the colors, to the accents, and to especially the girls. [ Designs | Something To Say (beautiful) / Life Additions #2 (floral 3x4) ] Here's Laura to tell you all about it. I recently re-organized some of my albums, and in the process I came across a handful of layouts that I pulled out with the intention of re-scrapping them. The original layouts were extremely bulky [...]

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All The Buzz

Last night we had a wonderful night with ladies in our women's church group. The theme was 'Bee Anxiously Engaged' based on an LDS General Conference talk by M. Russell Ballard (here). The summary of his talk: Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands “anxiously engaged in a good cause.” My mother-in-law, who is better than an internet search on any subject, came and spoke about bee keeping and the lives of bees. If you've never really heard or learned about bees, I highly recommend finding some kind National Geographic or Planet Earth [...]

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Always Stay Humble + Kind

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days now. It probably has something to do with all that’s going on in this country right now. I wonder if when Tim McGraw made this song that he would have any idea how much it’s needed right now. Love one another. Please + thank you go along way too. And one of my favorite lines, bitterness keeps you from flying. It’s amazing what a positive and giving spirt can do for others and yourself. Negativity of any kind--fear, anger, bitterness--will control your life and keep you stagnant. May we always remember to [...]

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